Getting Naked at the Hilton Review


Getting Naked at the Hilton

Written By: Dee Dawning

Contemporary, Menage

ISBN# 978-1-55487-006-6

Reviewed By : Deb

5 moons

Pages :312


Rachel was a lounge singer and piano player with big dreams of making it big one day. Having your Ex as your manager is never a great idea. Lester vowed to get Rachel back at any cost.


Scott an account executive made money in his sleep. He always knew how to handle things that was until he meet up with a firecracker named Rachel, after that moment he knew he was in over his head. What he found in her made him want her more.


Rachel could not believe she let Lester get to her taunting her with singing partner CC when she and Scott were together. She knew Scott only had her best interest at heart, but was she willing to trust him all the way?

Scott did not trust Lester but for Rachel and CC he was trying to get a handle on his jealousy and do best by his ladies. Scott knew talent when he seen it and these two ladies had it, now it was up to the three of them to take this dream and ride it.


Getting Naked at the Hilton is a must read for everyone. The characters are strong and passionate.

Dee Dawning is sensationally HOT! She brings emotion along with hot melt your circuits erotica to her books that have you panting for more.




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3 responses to “Getting Naked at the Hilton Review

  1. Ahhhh…you’ve found another author I’m a big fan of too. Dee writes such very sexy reads. Every single one is white hot. Thanks for sharing the review.

  2. Oh Goody, Now I can post it. Thanks a bunch Deb.

    Hugs Dee

  3. debsbook

    Dee, you are welcome come back to see more reviews up.

    Tess, yes I have found Dee books to be very special.


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