The Magic Spell


The Magic Spell

Written by : Paige Tyler 

Reviewed By: Deb

4 moons



Alanna Simms had no luck with men so her friends decided to help her out. 2 days before Halloween they stumbled upon this shop called “Charmed” What her and her friends found there would change Alanna’s life forever.


Garren Dandridge Pirate from the 1600’s Fell into a world he did not know nothing about. He did not know how he got in this world but he knew he had to return and destroy what had Morania chasing him.


Alanna could not believe that there was a guy on her living room floor, he must be a left over from the party. In her search for the truth of the man she found out that the spell actually worked , now she had an pirate from the pass in her home.

Garren did not want to believe this wench but how could he not, not after every spanking he gave her .

She did not break, strong this wench was, but now he had to find a way back, even if it meant leaving something he treasured behind.


The Magic Spell has everything a person could want out of a strong romance , Strong Characters, wonderful story line, and hot passion to burn up the pages.


Heat, passion and a lot of heart, That’s what you can expect from Paige Tyler book.

Come feel the magic, and be touched. I know I was.



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2 responses to “The Magic Spell

  1. Sounds like a wonderful read. I’m already a Paige Tyler fan. Great review.

  2. debsbook

    Tess, thanks I will be posting more reviews.


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