Cindra and the Bounty Hunter

Cindra and the Bounty Hunter

Author: Paige Tyler

Reviewed by: Deb

4 Moons


Cindra Mallory has always wanted to be a bounty hunter but her father insisted that it was not a job for his only daughter.

Under the training of a woman bounty hunter, Cindra learned what she needed.


Bladen Sloan Occupation Bounty Hunter, Once he work for security now he was on his own, liking the fact he was his own boss. He thought he seen and heard everything imaginable till he meet Cindra Mallory.


How could she be so stupid Cindra sat muttering at herself. Sex in exchange for his help, what was she thinking. That is the sad part once Bladen started touching her the thinking part of her brain went off.

Bladen could not believe he just agreed to get paid with 10 acts of his sexual fantasies.

Together Bladen and Cindra take of to catch the ever so elusive DelCour, but can these two get the bad guy and fight the passion that is growing between them? Come read for yourself.


Cindra and the Bounty Hunter is a fast pace story that will have you wanting more. The passion between these two is red hot.


Paige Tyler is RED HOT! Her passion for her writing shows through in her books.


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