Bid For Love Review


Bid for Love

Written By: Savannah Chase


Romance/ Contemporary

Reviewed By: Deb



Nico worked at Tranton and Ass. thought of herself as a plain jane, so one who went unnoticed. She was so wrong there was someone who noticed her, a person that wanted to share his desire an passion for her.


Jeff owner of Landspree Construction was in love with someone he could not even bring himself to talk to , how unreal was that.

Nico was who he thought of 24/7 when he was not thinking of work, but when ever around her he became tongue tied.


Jeff was named one of New Yorks 10 sexy eligible bachelor’s and was asked to participate in an auction for charity, he agreed to do it, but what he did not know could make his fantasies come true.

Nico knew her friends were up to something but knew they would never tell what it was. In one moment her life crashing in, she thought she lost the man of her heart forever.

At a Valentine Auction who knows what you could go home with of whom.


Bid For Love is an extraordinary love story that will capture your heart.


Savannah Chase brings passion and heart to this marvelous short love story.



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  1. thank you so much for reading Bid For Love and giving it this amazing review..

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