Forbidden Passion Review


Forbidden Passion

Written By: Dee Dawning

Reviewed By: Deb

3 Moons


Prince Mitheas was caught having passionate sex with a Fala out of season, which was against the law in Saaamal. All Mitheas was thinking about was pleasuring the Fala of his heart.


Adalina was a Fala of Galans, She met Prince Mitheas and her passion stirred for the prince.


Long ago there was a plague that brought heartache and death . Lor D`ana made it a law that anyone having sex would be punished. He never thought it would be his own grandson breaking that law.

It was up to Prince Mitheas and Adalina to prove that passionate delights that a man and woman shared would not cause death but cause a pleasure that no one could ever describe into words. To save a dying race they must prevail.


Forbidden Passion was magical


Dee Dawning is a true pleasure to read.

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