By The Book Review


By The Book

Written by: Dee Dawning

ISBN# 1-60601-081-6

Erotic/ Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by :Deb

4 Moons


Sarah loved her husband, she wanted to add some life to their love making.

She knew Danny would have a problem with what she was about to suggest but in the end he would know it was for them both.


Danny knew by the look on his wifes face she was serious, but he could not help but laugh a little. But who was he to deny his wife wants. Her pleasure was his.


Danny and Sarah needed a change the passion put back into their lovemaking. Who knew reading from a romance novel would do that and more.

Once Danny finds out the truth can he live with it and accept it, or will he lose everything he loves.


By The Book was a truly fantastic read!

Dee captures your attention , then holds it to the last page.


Dee Dawning is Passion at it’s best!! Come feel the sizzle.


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One response to “By The Book Review

  1. Dee

    Good Job Deb,

    Thanks for the review.

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