Fly Boy Review


Fly Boy

Written By: Nicole Austin

The Hussies series

Paranormal/Time travel

ISBN# 978-1-41991-716-5

Reviewed By: Deb



Twyla May MacAlister hussy warrior knew what failure to this mission meant, it meant the end to her.

Great Warrior who travel to where she was needed, fighting her own past demons along the way.

With this big mission upon them she did not how ever need a dark sexy as hell man clouding her brain waves.

Jhet Ramsey did what he did best, he kicked ass and took names. Agreeing on this next mission just might be his last. Recruiting his own team was easy having the woman you grew to care about on your team proved to be a challenge especial when she came in the form of a goddess.


Twyla, Jhet and team set to to rescue Randolph Hillman, computer guru to keep an top secret military program from entering the wrong hands. Jhet and Twyla both dealt with their demons of the past as they seek the end to this mission. The question is can they all escape with their lives to see if it will be Jhet or Twyla who gives in first.


Fly Boy is an amazing fast pace short book, that will keep on the edge till the very last page.


Nicole Austin is truly Sensational! What she brings to her books simply always amazes me.


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