Hurricane Winds


Title: Hurricane Winds
Author: Cheri Valmont
Genre: Cajun Erotica book #4
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN #: 978-1-60313-304-3
Book Format: Ebook
Page Count: 169
Reviewer: Deb
Rating: 5 Moons

Tanner Sandoval came home to Lafayette to start fresh, what he found was a job he was made for and one sassy lady that made his mouth water. Tanner has blond hair, green eyes and a body that could make the strongest woman crave. There was one woman he’d like to get attention from but Miss Carrie Ann Horville was a counter diction he planned to figure out soon.

Carrie Ann Horville with her dark looks and soul reaching brown eyes knew she was in trouble the first time she met Tanner. She and her twin brother had the power to feel and sense things from people. Tanner was a man with secrets, Carrie was not going to give her heart a chance to find out what they were.

Carrie, knew she was in trouble when she and Tanner first shared their passion, but yet she could not trust what she felt for him, once you got burned it was hard to trust again. Could she really open her heart and let another man in?? What she feels for Tanner was 100 times more intense then what she felt with Steve. She was afraid Tanner could really destroy her heart for good. Tanner knew Carrie could be stubborn, but she was driving him crazy. Their weekend of passion was more than he could have ever hoped for. He opened her shell; Carrie thrived as she learned on what it means to be a submissive. He knew she held secrets as well as he held them to. Could they open up to each other, to lean on each other for the support they both need? With Hurricane Brenda upon them, let’s see if these two can keep their heads above weather long enough to tell each other their secrets and see where their passion will take them.

Hurricane Winds, was a sensual story that had great sparkling passion. You could just feel the fire in Tanner’s eyes when he bored down on Carrie. HOT! Cheri Valmont, is as HOT as her Books are! I was amazed at finding myself unable to put this book down. I enjoyed it! One question though, Miss. Valmont is Corey going to have his own story?



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3 responses to “Hurricane Winds

  1. Val Pearson

    This was a great excerpt!

  2. Wow! Deb, thanks so much for the wonderful review! Do you know how happy it makes me when a reader ‘gets’ my stories? Well, it thrills me. Besides loving these characters myself, it’s what makes writing such a pleasure for me.

    Thanks again,
    Cheri 🙂

    PS: Yes, Corey will get a story of his own. He’s a very special guy! One who definitely deserves his HEA.

  3. debsbook

    Cheri, you are so welcome. I loved this stiry and can not wait to read Corey’s.

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