Temtping Tess / Regina Carlysle



TITLE :Tempting Tess

AUTHOR :Regina Carlysle

GENRE : Contemporary



ISBN: 9781419916069




RATING: 5 Moons


Tess Garrity at 45 she became a widow . Two years later she need to know where her life was going.

Sure she loved her husband but now it was just her. Tess packed her bags then headed off to Rouidoso, New Mexico.


Daniel Rois,black hair,deep soul drowning eyes he was 6ft3inches of gorgeous hot male. He lived in Rouidoso, New Mexico. Working with his hands he created beauty.


Daniel rented one of his cabins to Tess, taken aback by her looks Daniel was 35 years old, and he never thought he would fall head over heels for a woman. Tess got a glimpse of her neighbor how has stared in my of her dreams. Tess new he was younger then her, but she could not quit thinking of him.

Now together they explore their passion for each other along the way they fall deeply for one another, but can that be enough? With Tess being 10years Daniel’s senior will the age difference come between them?

Come read this wonderful book to find out. You wont be able to put it down. I know I couldn’t.


Tempting Tess is a heart stirring story that proves even when you think you lost your only love, you can find something new. Tess found herself and Daniel along the way.


Regina Carlysle, creates scorching heat that sizzles through our veins.



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2 responses to “Temtping Tess / Regina Carlysle

  1. OMG!!! This is great, Deb. Thanks for taking the time to review this. Your opinion is valued and I just have to say…you are the SWEETEST!!!!! Thank you.

  2. debsbook

    Regina, You are such a sweetie, thank you .

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