His Sweet Obsession




TITLE : His Sweet Obsession

AUTHOR : Tess MacKall

GENRE :Erotica


RELEASE DATE: January 15th, 2009





RATING: 5 Moons


Jack Colter, looked like every girls dream cowboy with his deep green eyes that held small golden flecks and black as night hair. He was hired on as the foreman at the “Double Eagle Ranch”. He grew up on the ranch so it seemed only right with his knowledge that he help run things. What he was not prepared for was the return of Addy.


Addy, grew up on the “Double Eagle Ranch”. She was raised by her aunt Maggie with a stiff hand. With red hair and chocolate eyes Addy had a temper to match. Once she spotted Jack and Maggie together she just knew she had to leave the ranch that she called home and never turn back.



Upon Addy’s return home after Maggie passed on things were at best normal. Maggie had left behind a will and to Addy and Jack’s shock there was a stipulation that had Addy temper flaring. Jack could not see what was Addy’s problem. Maggie left this place to them both and after five years if she decided to sell then she could. Addy in no simple terms told Jack her life was back in New York City not here on the “Double Eagle Ranch”. Can Jack convince her to stay? Can they both put the past in the past and admit they love each other? With a secret as big as the one between them only time will tell.


His Sweet Obsession is a passionate sweet romance that will have you cheering Jack on while he tries to capture Addy’s heart once more. Addy is a breath taking strong woman that wants to believe in her man, but can she let go of the past? I fell in love with Jack and Addy, I enjoyed the spark between them as I read His Sweet Obsession. His Sweet Obsession has a laughter warning along with a tissue warning as well. Tess MacKall has a passionate connection with her characters. Romance will never die as long as Miss. Mackall writes with such passion.



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5 responses to “His Sweet Obsession

  1. sexfunandromance

    Sounds like a GREAT read, and I love the cover.

    Cassidy McKay

  2. I fell in love with Jack and Addy in His Sweet Obsession. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. This is a warm, engaging romance that will keep you entertained from page to page. I recommend it to everyone.

  3. Awww, thanks Cassidy and Mary. So nice of you to post. It thrills me to no end.

  4. Deb

    Cassidy and Mary, I agree this is such a heart touching story.
    Tess out did herself.
    I have a question though Tess when are we going to get more Gabe?

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