Within These Stone Walls










TITLE: Within These Stone Walls

AUTHOR : Desiree Lee

GENRE : Paranormal Romance

DCL Publications

RELEASE DATE:  December 2008

ISBN: 978-1-921347-75-7




RATING: 4 moons



Lord Andreas Vollhoffer Thought he was condemned to die in the whole he was placed in, inside his own castle. Over century’s Radulf the steward of the castle held power over Lord Vollhoffer changing him for mortal to Vampire. Andreas was his weakest at the new moon, so Radulf used that against him.

Andreas gave up all hope that was until the gods sent him an angel.


Danica Heuer knew her Uncle was dieing, she loved him e was the only relative she had left, Danica loved him so. When he asked here what would she do now she joked about buying a castle and becoming a princess, on his death bed her Uncle made her promise to keep her word . Now after his death Danica found herself with a castle all her own, but even her castle held secrets.

What Danica did not expect to find is an 700 year old Lord that needed saving.


Danica and friends set out to free Andreas from Radulf’s spell.

Danger lurking in every corner will they be able to save Lord Vollhoffer? Or will Radulf catch onto their scheme and stop them?

Will Andreas and Danica find something more between themselves, one never knows when there is passion between man and woman.


Within These Walls is a not to miss story! It will have you wanting to never put it down till the last page is read. Mystery and Intrigue is what makes this book so good. Of course having a sexy Lord in the story helps a bit too. {grin}


Desiree Lee is a truly Brilliant Author! She captures and holds your attention till the last words are read.

I know I am never disappointed.


Des, Thank you for another edge of your seat story.



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