Caroline's House By Beverly Sims

 Caroline's House

Title: Caroline’s House

Author: Beverly Sims

Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Release Date: October 2008

ISBN #: 1-60601-137-5

Book Format: Ebook

Page Count: 304

Reviewer: Deb

Rating: 3 moons


Larry Gardiner is a successful business man who considers himself a ladies man as well. But when Caroline walks into his life his whole way of thinking has changed. Now he has to figure out what to do with her.


Caroline Fleming has returned to her hometown after leaving 20 years earlier. To her amazement some things have remained the same after so many years. She is determined to make a home for herself even if it means the end for her.

Larry and Caroline find themselves thrown together through lust, mystery, and danger. Together they have set out to save the people of their little town from a ghost named Malcolm. For some reason not one woman can say no to him. He holds the power over them all. But can Larry and Caroline convince this ghost to move on? Will the towns people survive? After all the strange things that happened in this little town anything is possible.

Caroline’s House is an intriguing and mysterious story that will keep you guessing until the last page, giving you chills along the way. Beverly Sims creates a story that will have you looking behind your back to make sure no one is there. Larry and Caroline are strong characters that can hold their own even with a pain in the butt ghost.


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