For Onr Night Only by Luxie Ryder

For One Night Only by Luxie Ryder


Title: For One Night Only

Author: Luxie Ryder

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: August 2008

ISBN #: 1-60601-091-3

Book Format: Ebook

Page Count: 198

Reviewer: Deb

Rating: 5 moons


Bethany Shaw is a beautiful and tall brunette with jade green eyes. With her job as a specialist in the medical field she has seen everything. But nothing could have ever prepared her for the chance meeting with Ruben Navarro. She has had her heartbroken in the past and has sworn to never trust another man. So when Ruben showed interest in her she should have listened to her brain not the blood rushing through her veins.

Ruben Navarro is 5’9” with black hair and sexy devilish brown eyes. He is what every woman secretly desires. Ruben has lived and done what he wanted when he wanted it. But with one chance encounter with one tough doctor has changed his way of thinking. Now he has to convince Bethany that he is the one for her.

Bethany was kicking herself for getting tangled up with Ruben. After all the talks she had with herself, she still wanted him. But unknown to both Ruben and Bethany, they held someone else’s interest as well. Will they survive what this new person brings to their lives? Will Ruben reach Bethany in time? After all is said and done, will Ruben let Bethany walk out of his life?

For One Night Only is exciting to read. It has all the elements of an excellent on the edge of your seat book. Crazed fans, passion, and a hero and heroine that just melts the pages. Luxie Ryder is one hot surprise to this reviewer. Having never read Luxie’s work before I can tell you I will be reading it again. Cheers, Miss Ryder on a excellent read.


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2 responses to “For Onr Night Only by Luxie Ryder

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review. This was my first ever novel and it makes me very happy to read comments like these.

  2. Deb

    Luxie, You are so welcome. I loved this book.

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