Just One Night by Lillith Payne

Just One Night by Lillith Payne


Title: Just One Night

Author : Lillith Payne

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: October 2008

ISBN #: 1-60601-173-1

Book Format: Ebook

Page Count: 140

Reviewer: Deb

Rating: 3 moons


Paden Kerr has blond hair and aquamarine eyes that would make any woman swoon. He was a huge Hotel Magnate growing up, but his life was not easy. With love being nonexistent for such a long time, when the real thing did happen he almost lost it.


Melina Calabrese is stunning with her sable brown hair and chocolate eyes. She married her sweetheart, but lost him to the war. Now she has a second chance with Paden. The only thing Melina wanted was the one thing Paden had a hard time giving, his “love”.

Sharing one night with Paden was a mistake. How could she ever think that one night would be enough? Paden vowed to make Melina believe his words even if it took him a lifetime. He would not leave her again. Can Melina walk away from Paden again now that he has found her? Could she believe that his love for her was worth taking a chance on letting her guard down.

Just One Night is a sensual delight. The pages just sizzle! The chemistry between Paden and Melina, is truly remarkable. Lillith Payne, Truly delightful! She has you cheering for Paden and Melina from the start.


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