The Fallen Fae by Connie Wood











TITLE: The Fallen Fae

AUTHOR : Connie Wood

GENRE : Fantasy/ Angel/ Demon

Freya’s Bower Publishing

RELEASE DATE: December 2008





RATING: 4 moons



Shae’s fall from grace has him in a mess. His chosen one taken from him, he finds another. What he seek is Salvation, but what he gets is more then he could ever dream of.

Shae has to convince Aleta that he sees her as more, before it is to late. Who could say no to a gorgeous Fae with the dreamy green eyes, dark soft hair.


Aleta lost everything that mattered to her, her family. After the death of her grandfather her last family member, Aleta found an old trunk that was left to her. Soon she would find out it was apart of her fate as well.

Will she except what was bargained for between her grandfather and the Fae? Or will she fight it to the end?

Soon after Shae and Aleta find themselves facing the devil himself Lucifer. Lucifer will never turn what belonged to him free. Once the angels fell they were Fae in turn they were his.

Will Shae and Aleta survive Lucifer’s raft? Will Aleta set her mind free and accept Shae for what he really is? Battling the dark side does something to a gal, so in the end if she loves him she do what ever it takes to save her Fae.


The Fallen Fae was true fantasy at it’s best. I want to know if the story will continue? What will happen to Daray?

Connie Wood captures the heart of this genre in this book. She pulls the reader into the story from the first to the last page.


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