Mistress Of Purgatory Point by Adriana Kraft











TITLE: Mistress Of Purgatory Point

AUTHOR: Adriana Kraft

GENRE : Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Ghost, BDSM, Menage


RELEASE DATE: January 1,2009

ISBN: 1-55487-217-6




RATING: 5 Moons, wish I could give more!


Martha Richards at 48, Martha never thought of herself as a beautiful woman with her red gold hair, she thought herself as ordinary.

She would soon see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

After losing her preacher husband, Martha need a change, to get away from the probing eyes of the church. She set off to find what she wanted , freedom.


Dan Ford gorgeous US forest service man, Dan loved his job the peacefulness.

When Dan stumbled upon his new neighbor he never thought he would become a should we say “peeping US forest man” he could not get her out of his mind, she was something, Dan knew he had to have her. What he did not know was he had composition already.


Ben and Stella were the ghost of Purgatory Manor, Martha could not believe her eyes.

Stella and Ben put all their trust into Martha freeing them from years stuck at Purgatory Manor.

Martha doubting herself worth did not think she could help free them, but she was willing or should I say made to help them.

Dan knew he wanted Martha from the beginning, what he did not know was what a sexy siren she was. She was tempting him in every way possible, what man could resist?

Knowing her plight, can Martha convince Dan that the ghost were real?

Could she love a man that much again, to help these ghost free themselves?

Could Dan finally tell Martha about his past? Will she want him after she knew his secret?

Come read “Mistress of Purgatory Point” to find out.

All I can say is Passion, Love, and Ghost oh my!


Mistress Of Purgatory Point has everything ; sizzling sex, delightful characters, sassy ghost this book is a treat from beginning to end.

Come meet three sexy individuals and their ghost to see what I mean.


Adriana Kraft is one of the most sensually brilliant authors of our times! Raves this reviewer.

Her talent for letting you build the scene in your head as it plays out on the pages..sighhh I must say I would like to have my own Ben and Stella.






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