Smoldering Passion by Adriana Kraft











TITLE: Smoldering Passion

AUTHOR: Adriana Kraft

GENRE : Torrid Romance Contemporary

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid


ISBN: 978-1-60313-375-3




RATING: 4 moons



Melissa Hopkins at 25 is an aspiring artist who needed to find the key to her passion and unlock it.

Her dead aunt gave her the opportunity to do just that at the Center.

What Melissa discovered there was more than Melissa could ever hope for, there she found her inner most self and a little something more.


Harry Gage was pure walking sin with his 6ft plus body frame and dark looks even at 37 he was womans wet dream.

Harry knew he had to leave the past behind before it ruined him. He was shocked to learn about Phebe’s death even more shocked that her look a like came into his office looking for a job. He thought he was seeing a ghost.


At the “Center Of Sensuality and Sex Practices” Harry took his job seriously.

When he hired Melissa , he kept it professional. What he did behind closed doors was his own business.

Melissa thought Harry was powerful on tape, it held nothing to the man himself.

Can Harry put away his ghost and concentrate on whats in front of him?

Will Melissa be able to make Harry see that, she was not her aunt?

Can these two work through what they need to, to be free?

When you have something so powerful anything is possible.


Smoldering Passion is Sensuality at it’s best!

The Chemistry between all the character is phenomenal.


Adriana Kraft taps into unrelenting passion and lets it flow upon the pages.




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