Sinful Temptation by: Cassidy McKay














TITLE: Sinful Temptation

AUTHOR : Cassidy McKay

GENRE : Erotica/ Paranormal

Resplendence Publishing

RELEASE DATE: January 20, 2009

SKU# 94-201-101-437-1




RATING: 4 moons



Jenn Amante thought she was not much to look at with her brown hair and hazel eyes, if it was not clear to her then it was now. He ex decide blond and bouncy was the way to go.

Jenn had no use for men after that, so when her friend wanted her to try a phone sex company she thought she was nuts.

Jenn had no idea how sinful she could be, will she set her inner tigress free?


Nick Germaine, proud owner of “Sinful Temptation’s” Nick had all the women around him drooling after him with his silk voice, melt in your month body. He sure did pack a punch.

Nick always held himself in check with his clients, but a little mouse got under his skin.


Nick wanted a change, he always wanted to own a house in the country what better place to start at then a real state office. Upon entering the Worthy Real State office he was greeting by a beautiful receptionist , her smile brighten up the office. It was not till he spied the name on her desk did he start to wonder if this one was his little mouse.

Only time would tell and he had plenty of it.

On top of everything that was happening Nick and Jenn find themselves starring down a loaded gun barrel.

Apparently Nick was not the only one who did not like to share.

Well they make it out alive? Will Jenn except Nick for who he is? If Nick has his way she will.


Sinful Temptation is delightfully funny and hotter then sin! The Characters are pure heaven.

This is one book not to be missed.


Cassidy McKay writes about real people you can fall in love with. Say yes to temptation!

Note to Cassidy:

Tess sounds like our Tess ;0



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2 responses to “Sinful Temptation by: Cassidy McKay

  1. Guess that means I have to buy the book. lol I entered a contest for it but got stiffed. lol

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful review. I’m so glad you liked the book!

    Tess got stiffed? *covers mouth and snickers* I’m not saying anything!

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