Robert's Story















Robert’s Story

Author: Kissa Starling

ISBN# 978-1-60435-212-2

Genre: BDSM


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons



Robert loved his wife without a doubt, he new Nicole would do anything for him. Well almost anything.

She was the most amazing submissive, but their love pushed the boundaries of Master and submissive.

Robert had a needle play obsession, with his wife being so highly afraid of needles can he convince her that he would never do anything to harm her?


Nicole loved Robert beyond anything. She knew there was something Robert enjoyed that she could not give him or could she? With a plan set in place, Nicole was about to give her husband a surprise truly to make his night. The question is will she come out of it on the winning end?


Robert knew his wife had plan the evening he had always wanted but in truth no matter what Robert loved his wife.

Now with tears in her eyes will Nicole grant her husband his only obsession?

Read this wonderful emotional story to find out.


Robert’s Story is an amazing story of the love and passion between a man and woman. It shows us that beyond anything Love if truly meant will with stand anything.

Robert’s Story gets an A+ from this reviewer!


Kiss Starling is Fantastic! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.




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2 responses to “Robert's Story

  1. Wow! Deb, thanks so much for posting this review. I’m glad you understood the emotions and love that grew between Robert and Nicole by working through this problem.

    Kissa Starling

  2. debsbook

    Kissa , I enjoyed reviewing the book.


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