"Hot Shot"

















Author MJ Fredrick
Samhain Publishing
ISBN# 1-60504-105-x
Reviewed by: Deb

5 moons, but deserverd more


Gabe Cooper loved his job, being a “Hot Shot” After losing his wife to his best friend, he was not looking forward to joining them as a team again.

Gage, was easy on the ladies eyes, many of the female recruits all but melted at his feet. “Hero” worship some say.

There was one thing he hated more than anything and that was reporters.

Peyton Michaels a newspaper reporter, was given an assignment to write an article on brave everyday hero’s.

What she did not exspect was the out and out rudeness of the head crew cheif “Cooper”. Men like that she knew all about, her husband was like that.

“Live for the Job” until the day he died.

Gabe and Peyton find themselves in the middle of a hot zone,not only battling fires but battling the passion that has consumed them. Among fighting what they feel for each other a problems has arrive, an arsonist was staring fires, the outcome doesn’t look good for Doug a smokejumper{cooper’s ex wifes new husband} Can Cooper put aside what happened in the past to help an innocent man? Peyton had a dission to make, can she stay with cooper, knowing that one day she could the call saying he had been killed in the line of duty?


Passions and fires burn highly in “Hot Shot” come read this sizzling book. It will have you setting on the edge of your seat.

MJ Fredrick is truly BRLLIANT! One of the best authors this reviewer had ever read.









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