A Knight in Cowboy Boots

A Knight in Cowboy Boots By Suzie Quint
Publisher: Pink Petals Publishing
Genre: Erotic Contemporary, Suspense, Western
Length: 254 pages


When Zach McKnight, an irresistible oil rig worker with a thick-as-honey Texan drawl, first pokes into the secrets surrounding the mysterious Maddie Wells, he has no idea that the chance encounter will change his life forever. Maddie Wells is on the run with Jesse, the infant son of her murdered sister. The boy’s father isn’t far behind. He wants his son and is willing to kill to get him. Zach is intrigued from the first moment he sees the dark haired beauty in a hotel, but getting his hard working hands on her delectable body is more easily dreamt than achieved. He gets shot for his trouble, by Maddie no less, and sucked into the web of lies and fear that are her constant companions.

Deb’s Review:

A Knight in Cowboy Boots is a fabulously fun, romance that has me craving to read more from Susie Quint and the McKnight’s. Since this is my first taste, I do think I need some more of those McKnight cowboys.

Zach is no push over as to he does not let Maddie get away with much. I know I would mind getting caught in Zach’s bear trap. *g* he is strong, loveable character from chapter one till the end.

Maddie’s, gumption to push on makes her a very loveable, strong heroine even though her shooting Zach threw me for sure. “LOL” As to them as a couple they make a wonderful team.

Maddie is on the run with her sister’s baby, the father not far behind. So what’s a gal to do but to team up with a roguishly handsome cowboy and see if they can beat the odds? I truly admire Maddie’s bravery nothing will come between her and the safety of the ones she loves.

If you have not got your first bite of the delicious McKnight’s, then do so. I plan on diving right in. Spurs and all!

Ms. Quint’s writings are like pure honey, they go down so smooth.

Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb!


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