California Girl by Sandra Edwards

California Girl by Sandra Edwards
Series: West Coast Girlz. Book One
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 49 pages


After divorcing her cheating rock-star ex-husband Ray Hudson, Veronica Stanford flees to Europe to let the dust settle after she makes sure the divorce leaves Ray in financial dire straits.

In St. Tropez, after a night of serious partying, she finds herself married again–this time to a very sexy Greek named Niko Leandros.

Immediately she begins to suspect that Niko is actually an actor who’s been hired by her ex to discredit her. The problem is, Veronica is so consumed with her smoldering attraction to Niko that she fears, through him, Ray just might get his revenge.

Deb’s Review:

California Girl by Sandra Edwards is a short, delightful romantic read that any reader will fall in love with. Mrs. Edwards the only flaw in this spicy book I see is it’s not long enough. 🙂

Nikko and Veronica are wonderful characters. Nikko is a Greek God {I kid you not} and a Millionaire to boot. Veronica is newly divorced and trying to escape her life for a bit.

Then Nikko enters her world and all I can ask is what girl wouldn’t love the attention of a Greek God after being dumped by her now ex/ rock star? Even though there is not much background on these characters, there is enough to make California Girl quite enjoyable.

I think the secondary characters should all have all books on their own because they are another reason this story was a pure delight to read. The plot is short, but sweet and well-written. California Girl is book one in the series, so I say bring on book two.

Sandra Edwards is a new author for me; but I am here to say that I will be reading this author again. She’s penned romances that have touched my romantic heart.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

This review was previously posted at Blackraven’s Reviews.


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