Master by Master R

Master by Master R
The Unauthorzed Autobiography of Master R
Publisher: Esemar Press
Genre: BDSM

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Review Copy Received from Author


For the past fifteen years, Master R has run La Domaine Esemar, the oldest, and those in the know say, the finest, BDSM training chateau in the world. MASTER: THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MASTER R is the charming, romantic, honest, shocking and brutal story of how R got to be the man he is today.

MASTER was written not just for people in the sexuality but for all adult readers who wish to gain insights into the complexities of human sexuality. With a world view that covers the metaphors of civilization from the times of pharaohs and slaves to the present, passages of erotica that drip sexuality, power filled chapters on training methods, other chapters on the hysterically funny moments in the day to day existence at La Domaine, and with candid autobiographical insights into Master Rs own life and sexuality, MASTER is a unique piece of literature.

Deb’s Review :

First, I would like to say a special “Thank you to Master R for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing/reading his Unauthorized Autobiography. I was captivated by the details and strength ofMaster R’s words.

The information is endless. The scenes were a bit harsh in some places in the book, but you will see all methods have reasoning.

Master R’s dedication to the BDSM world has introduced such knowledge and skill that I feel this book is a must read for anyone who wishes to explore this life, which are in short story form. Master R explores many and varied topics in this book as he guides readers through his everyday life. I was drawn to “The Visit”, which itself had four parts in this breathtaking book. The Visit gives us the story of a bored Dominatrix, walking us through her awakening and her realization that she needed to be healed. Her journey is one of beauty.

Knowledge is truly a great power and one which you should use if BDSM is a lifestyle you seek. You see it through Master R’s eyes.

Every Once in a while there is a book that calls to my partner and me. This is one of those books.

Bob: Deb asked me to voice what I thought of this book as we read it together. I will say that in part there are some amazing realizations for me which I found both intriguing and interesting. There are also things that had me stand up and take notice of. My wife and I experimented and were shocked at the intensity when one is in a spanking scene as we were. For me it opened my eyes, for myself and my wife.

So in the end of this review, I will say that if you wonder what a life of a Master is about, then you definitely need to read Master The unauthorized Autobiography of Master R. I found myself fascinated and touched.

5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb!

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