No Dress Required by Cari Quinn

No Dress Required by Cari Quinn
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 61 pages


After years of ho-hum dating, Noelle Gregory is tired of fooling around. There’s only ever been one guy for her—Jake Conroy, her best friend’s older brother. Now that Jake’s back in town, she’s headed to his sister’s New Year’s Eve party to make her move. Purse full of condoms? Check. Sparkly dress guaranteed to show Jake the sexy woman she’s become? Check.
Carjacker that makes off with both two hours before the party? Check.

When Jake finds Noelle stranded on the side of the road—looking sexier than ever in her striped socks and silly holiday shirt, damn it—he’s glad for the snowstorm that cancels his sister’s party. His and Noelle’s friendship has tormented him for years, and now, Jake wonders if he should dare to sample what he’s always wanted…and if he’ll be able to walk away when it’s over.

Deb’s Review :

Cari Quinn’s book No Dress Required is just so deviously fun and sweet. I will be adding this to my re-read pile.

Our hero Jake is a truly handsome guy who is definitely in charge, but being dumped for the big man upstairs does something to a fella’s confidence. In order to get his mojo back, he’s set his sights on Nellie, a friend to the family, as well as his little sister’s best friend.

Nellie, who is sweet and fun, loving, had me laughing throughout this book. She’s set her mind on Jake, so let the games begin.

Ms. Carr made it impossible to not just adore these characters. They made my heart melt, tickled my funny bone, and heated my cold winter blood. No Dress Required is a true boy meets girl love story. I have to admit Ms. Carr; I still would have loved to know what Jake thought of the dress.

The story is well-written and Alexa is the only second level character that really stood out to me. Will she get her own story that involves a sexy man because I would love a sequel to No Dress Required?

I have been reading romances for quite some time now, but there are rare moments when a book just reaches out and takes me by surprise, No Dress Required by Cari Quinn is one of those books. If you are a true romantic by heart, then don’t pass-up this amazing heartwarming story.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

This review was previously posted at The Readers Round Table Reviews


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