Three To Get Ready by Tere Michaels

Three To Get Ready by Tere Michaels
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Menage M/F/M, BDSM elements, M/M
Length: 185 pages


Chicago cop Nick watches his roommate, best friend and secret crush Riley marry the intriguing Lily. He has no idea of Riley’s true feelings for him, or the fact that Lily knows and accepts them.

Dominant Lily wants to give her beloved everything he needs in bed and beyond, even if that means quiet and controlled Nick. Deep down, she suspects the equally dominant Nick is someone she may need as well. Lily pushes a physical encounter and no one is prepared for the intensity of their feelings and desire.

Sex—in every combination possible—is the easy part. The conflict comes when each panics over their increasing emotional connection in their own way. Lily needs control, Nick fears commitment and Riley doesn’t feel he deserves two amazing lovers.

And when a stranger threatens their relationship, their careers…and their lives, Riley, Lily and Nick will need to rely on each other like never before.

Deb’s Review:

Three To Get Ready was a hot, fast rollercoaster of pure emotions. Tere Michaels had me ohhhhhhhhing and awwwwwing as well as shivering.

Lily and Riley are the couple of this book, but Riley loves Nick as well. Being in love, Lily wants to make her man happy. She moves heaven and earth to give Riley the one thing, besides Lily, that he truly wants and that is Nick on a platter with chocolate sauce. *g*

Nick, has been fighting it from the beginning, inwardly as well as outwardly; can he with stand the Lily assault?

Riley has been half in love with Nick for a while; Lily loved and wanted them both, of course, she wanted to knock them upside their heads, too. Nick thought of himself as the wiser, older one, NOT! Lily shocked me a bit I have to say. At the beginning Lily’s Dom side was out and I loved it, but as they joined as a threesome that side of her went away. Was that the plan Ms. Michaels?

I thought the interactions between them as a threesome were a bit strained, they all had doubts, more so then any other M/F/M book I have read. I think that is why I liked it so much. With the added addition of a stalker and suspense feel, I have to say that Three To Get Ready by Tere Michaels is well worth picking up and enjoying.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

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