Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 240 pages


A spellbinding novel of love, murder, and the supernatural. Chance meetings can have far-reaching effects. Loved ones may not be who they seem. The line between comprehension and confusion is thin ~ particularly when one’s thoughts are being manipulated by another. In Dark Moon, the eternal triangle takes an innovative twist into the occult as dark magic fights against those who serve the Light. The prize? A woman’s soul.

Deb’s Review :

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell is a paranormal/mystery that had some twists, which had me doing a double take. I must admit that it took me a little bit to sink my teeth into this book, because Mrs. Tideswell wanted to get all the characters intro’s in all at once, I felt. But once her objective was accomplished, the book settled into an spine tingling mystery that had me on the edge of my seat.

Storm Fenton is an interesting character, in that her life is nearly perfect untl a chain of events changes everything. I found myself battling over the fact that Storm didn’t recognize the man she loved, Trevor, but with that said she was not herself.

Trevor is dark and mysterious. Moreover, his character sent shivers down my spine. Well done, Mrs. Tideswellin providing a character who only amps up the suspense in the story.

Jared has his own troubles, which include but are not limited to being pursued by someone he is not into. He is trying to capture Storms attention, but is struggling with every turn of the page. For me, Jared is the soul of a good man because no matter what happens, he is always there to support all of the people who are important to him.

The strength of these characters plus the magical uniqueness in the plotline is what made Dark Moon enjoyable for me. The setting is in South Africa, which made the story even more intriguing because the scenery you paint for us is just breathtaking. I have to know Mrs. Tideswell, have you visited South Africa?

With all that said, Maggie Tideswell writing is definitely intriguing, I find myself shocked that I encountered yet another wonderful author that I have missed. I have to admit that in the beginning, I was on the fence with this book, but I am so glad I stayed with it.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!


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