The One by Lora Leigh

The One by Lora Leigh
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Length: 73 pages


Brenna’s love for Jase has grown from a crush to a soul-searing need, a painful hunger…and an unrequited ache, because the savagely sexy Texan doesn’t feel the same. A bequest and stipulation in his father’s will have hardened Jase, it seems. Now she must endure three months of living under his roof. Three torturous, tension-filled months and Brenna will have fulfilled the stipulation; will be free to attempt to regain the heart lost to Jase so long ago.

Since the age of eighteen, Jase has protected Brenna—from himself, as much as anyone else. Living with her proves too rousing even for his iron will. He’ll claim what’s his, take Brenna in ways he’d previously only dreamed, sink so deeply inside her luscious body he’ll never find his way out. And be damned if he’ll let her go.

A scorching Texas summer can’t compete with blazing lust as Brenna gives in, gives over, gives all that she is to Jase, to the only man she’s every loved…to the one.

Deb’s Review:

The One by Lora Leigh is a sweet love story with burning up the sheets passions that helped make this book a wonderful short story.

Jase wanted what he could not have or what he believed he could not have. Over the years his feelings grew toward Brenna but she was family even if she was his step-sister. Brenna is sweet, starry eyed, and in love. She’s dreamed of Jase since she was 10yrs. old and now fate has brought her back into the fold, to the only man she has ever loved. Will they risk everything including the family ranch?

There was a time in this book that I felt okay now I know what is going on now, then Miriam does a one-eighty and was not who I thought she was. The plot turned instantly. Talk about throwing off the reader. I cannot say any more…can we say spoiler. In addition, I have to say I like my heroine with a bit more “bite”, so Brenna was a bit too tender for me. Jase needed to cowboy up, as he comes off heartless at first then softens a bit.

All I can say to Ms. Leigh is that I need more…of Jase and Brenna. I need an ending, an epilogue something to have it not have such an abrupt ending.

Rated 31/2 Stilettos by Deb!

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