How Wicked-er Can She Go? by J Morgan

How Wicked-er Can She Go? by J Morgan
Publisher: Lyrical Press Publishing
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Comedy
Length: 91 pages


Go Wild, Get Wicked! Nikki is as wicked as they come. Yeah, right — She’s the wickedest witch you’ll ever meet, if “wicked” means perky as all get out, and living off a trust fund. When her boss lays down the law, she actually has to work for a living and her world comes tumbling down. Ruining an uber geeks chance to find true love sounds easy until Gregory Hamilton shows up on her doorstep. He may be a nerd, but one look tells her this is a man with super stud possibilities.

Turning on her inner wicked, Nikki does everything she can to prove true love aint all its cracked up to be.

Deb’s Review :

Witches, Mitches, Pixies OH MY! This is a fun story that will have you giggling till the end. Gregory and Nikki were fun to get to know. Even in passion they had me grinning.

“I discovered that before taking up residence in my microwave, the pixies had replaced all my junk food with South Beach Diet alternatives. I was glad to nuked those bastards.”

J Morgan
writes such a brilliantly fun story. I often wonder what goes on in an author’s mind as I read their books.
I have a feeling J Morgan will have me checking my door for Pixies. This whole book screams, “FUN!”

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

Previously reviewed at Dark Diva Reviews

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