Soft Sounds of Pleasure by Eden Connor

Sound of Pleasure by Eden Connor
Series: Those Devilish De Marco Men #1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 376 Pages


Colton wants a home run with Lila. The bases are loaded against him: one foul nephew, one ogre-in-law, and Lila’s loyal heart won’t let Colton pinch-hit for her late husband. With the whole town keeping score, it’s Game On.

Lila Walker has batted lead-off in Colton De Marco’s fantasies for years, and now that he’s stumbled upon her sunbathing in the nude, he decides to take his best swing.
Coping with her ogre-in-law, her inability to collect her late husband’s life insurance, and the knowledge the entire town’s counting the days she wears widow’s weeds, Lila decides some between-the-sheets batting practice is just the distraction she needs–even if their sexy scrimmage won’t last the summer.
But is she missing Colton’s signals that he’s in it to win it? And can Colton knock it out of the park with the attractive widow before his thirteen-year-old nephew’s foul attitude gets him thrown out of the game?

Deb’s Review:

Soft Sounds of Pleasure by Eden Connoris a fun, sexy contemporary romance, with a appealing family feel that had me laughing and crying in the same breath.Mrs. Connor, gives us a story of love lost, new love found, a since family togetherness. This book will forever be a book I will hold onto and re-read over the years. With these three grown men raising a teenage boy there is sure going to be a lot of fun.

Colton, the baby of the Walker brothers is charmingly sexy as he is furiously loyal. He sure does get an A+ in how to treat a lady as any good ladies man would that was until his attention was drawn to one special lady. I adored his sexiness, but more over the bond he and his siblings have. Being the youngest, I could not tell that about Colton, his character is well grounded; I will say it did surprise me that Ms. Connor gave such a huge roll in being the first book of the series to the baby boy. Well done.

Lila is a character that has had her share of a bumpy road, broken heart, widowed, and Monster- In-Law with issues, so when a sexy young stud walks into her back yard, what’s a gal to do. I enjoyed, the fact the Ms. Connor was able to create Lila’s story with so much heart, I just wanted to give that girl a hug then give her a high five. *wink* This heroine has a set of brass balls, and trust me when I say she likes to use them on the males in this story.

The second level characters brought a lot of added fun, and emotions too, Soft Sounds of Pleasure they added a solid family feel to the background. I have to say for me, Jonah {nephew} is as much as a top player as Colton and Lila were. He is such an amazing young character; I cannot wait to watch him grow.

Ms.Connors can you tell us will Jonah get a book of his own? I think I would love to meet Charlie, Lila’s son as well.
As plotlines go, Soft Sounds of Pleasureis intense, emotional and intensely sexy, that I could not put down! Ms. Connor, gives us a true look into this family that has grown together, through it all they remain a unit.

Eden Connor knows how to kick-up the heat factor, sparks were just a flying. Make sure you have plenty of ice handy…you’ll need it. Eden Connor is just like any other tasty treat, she is to be savored slowly. Pick-up Soft Sounds of Pleasure, get your real first taste of the De Marco men.

Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb!



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2 responses to “Soft Sounds of Pleasure by Eden Connor

  1. First of all, let me thank you publicly for taking a chance on a long read by a new author, Deb. I appreciate that more than you know. That you liked Colton and Lila’s story is icing on the cake.

    To answer your questions: It might be a while before Jonah gets his own grown-up love story. Daniel, the oldest De Marco brother, had his story released earlier this month. Wildly inappropriate tells us a lot more about the De Marco family and the disappearance of their mother, as well as giving Daniel a woman of his own to win. Lila and Colton have some major life changes to face in Dan’s story as well.

    I’m hard at work on Eric’s story now. In addition to showing us the woman who can bring a lifelong playboy and commitment-phobe to his knees, the family back story is explored again, this time with regards to Sarah, Jonah’s mother and the brother’s sister, so questions about Jonah’s father abound in the third book in the series.

    Charlie will come home in the 4th book. Like you, I feel he might deserve his own story, but it’s not planned as a part of this series, but later, as a spin-off of those Devilish De Marco Men, I do plan to write Charlie’s Pleasure. Eventually.

    • hear3957

      Eden, it was a true pleasure reviewing “Soft Sounds of Pleasure” Thank you for the insight to more of the De Marco family. I sure do hope the girl Eric gets can handle everything he’s got. As for Jonah, sigh I guess I will have to wait…lol not my best subject. Fabulous news on Charlie’s appearance I would like to know what he thought of his mother’s Boy-friend.

      Wishing you well with all that you do…


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