HEA Romances Coffee Corner Guest Post & Giveaway Presents: Need Me by Cari Quinn

Need Me by Cari Quinn
Series: Unveiled, Book #3
Publisher: Elloras Cave Publishing
Genre: Erotic Contemporary,

Summary :

Some needs are so hot it takes more than one man to fulfill them.

Marcia Daly’s been dating her younger boyfriend Tony for years. They have a great relationship, so why can’t she stop fantasizing about sleeping with his best friend, Cale? As much as she cares about Tony, the idea of a threesome intrigues her. Though she’s not sure how to broach the subject, her decision to write a sex advice book gives her the perfect opportunity to explore her wildest fantasies.

Tony’s falling in love with Marcia and wants to give her an amazing gift she’ll never forget before he asks for a commitment. Sharing her with his best friend at Kink, a local sex club, turns him on more than he would have guessed. One sizzling night soon turns into two. But when the threesome tests their relationship, Tony wonders if Marcia will ever let down her guard enough to trust his feelings for her…or to finally give in to her own.

Please help me welcome Cari Quinn to HEA Romances Coffee Corner.

She has stopped by today with her Characters from her new release, Need Me, Tony, Marcia and Cale, Welcome. I must say I do so love a Yummy ménage, I hear things get pretty heated up between you three.

OKay, now on to the fun stuff, I so enjoy fining out what goes on behind the scenes. *wink*

Now that you’ve had your threesome, what do you think it did for the relationship that you have as friends now? Meaning…it is weird and Cale, please stop touching Marcia.

Tony: It wasn’t weird while we were doing it – we were kinda busy and all, you know? – but afterward, yeah, THAT was weird. At least when we got to the second night.

Marcia: The first night was fine. If Tony hadn’t suggested the second night…

Cale: *winks at Marcia* Exactly right, Blondie. It’s all his fault.

Tony: Except you were the one who mentioned the second night to me, jerk.

Cale: Next question.

Describe your own personal feelings about Kink and what you saw there? Marcia you are the more adventurous of the bunch but you still had issues with Kink? Why?

Tony: Way too many guys. I saw more junk that night than I ever wanted to.

Marcia: *wrinkles nose* I like cherries jubilee ice cream. It’s one of my favorites. But if I gorge on it and eat it at every meal for a week, I’ll never want to see ice cream again. Know what I mean?

Cale: *leans back and stretches out his legs* It all worked for me. What’s not to like? Sex is one of the best things going, and sex with hot, anonymous strangers? Sign me up.

In the final scene at Kink, will we ever find out what you, Tony and Cale said to each other? BTW, that scene floored me. Did not see it coming and can’t wait to see if it will play out…


Tony: No. That night is over. It’s Cale’s mess to clean up now, and Marcia and me are out of it. Right, babe?

Marcia: *snuggling closer to Tony* We’re way out of it.

Cale: I didn’t see it coming either. And I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about it. Guess I’ll have to tease you all and tell you to read my upcoming book…assuming I clue Cari in enough to be able to write it.

The sex between the three of yall was hot and I needed a towel to wipe the sweat from my brow, but honestly Tony, did you ever think that you would share? And why at Kink? Couldn’t this have happened at someone’s house?


Cale: He would’ve loved to do it at someone’s house instead. But my man Tony’s all about pleasing his woman, and when Marcia has an itch, he makes sure she gets scratched.

Marcia: *shrugging* It gave me more fodder for my book. I got off. Win-win. And yes, I was curious. Of course I was. Everyone in freaking town’s been to that club and I wanted to know what it was like.

Tony: I’m just a vessel for Marcia’s pleasure.

Marcia: *snort* Then how come I’m the one who got filled up?

I know all about Kink and I had my reservations with Spencer and Kelly’s time at Kink, so for the uneducated/truly prudish crowd, each of you describe it. What you like about it, and what your kink is


Marcia: Spencer’s another reason I went. I’ll be damned if my brother’s more out there sexually than I am. If someone as seemingly repressed as my little brother can deal with it, so can I. Not that I’m planning on going back to Kink again—ever—but I can check it off my list as a wild experience I enjoyed once.

My kink is free expression. I want to do it all, whenever and wherever with a willing partner who’ll share control with me. I want Tony.

Tony: *smiling* See, she can be so sweet. As for me? I’m not into Kink. Only one of us was, and you’d have to ask Tall, Dark and Dickly why it works for him.

Cale: *grins* Feeling inadequate again, bro? Yeah, I liked Kink. It’s right up my alley. I don’t like hiding who I am, and there I don’t have to. I’ll be going back, you can count on it. What’s my kink? *scratches chin* I think it’d be easier to say what isn’t.

Marcia, now that you have had your fantasy and know what you want in life, will you ever
finish the damn book?

Marcia: *winks* Guess you’ll have to read the next installment of the Unveiled series to find out.

Cari, has graced us with a HOT excerpt, enjoy!


“Guess what:”
He laughed in that sexy baritone that never failed to make her breasts sit up and take notice. “You’re naked and wet and planning on meeting me at the door.”

“Which door? Yours? Mine?”

“Actually, swing by Cale’s tonight. I’m heading up there after I get done at Kel and Spencer’s.”
“Up and Cale. Now those are two words that rarely go together.”

“Funny girl. If you show up naked, we know he’ll be up for plenty.”

She frowned. There Tony went again with the jokes about Cale wanting her. They seemed to pop up pretty often lately. Sometimes she wondered if there was more truth behind his teasing than he was letting on. As lifelong best friends, Cale and tony shared everything. Did that extend to women too?

Thoughtfully she glanced at her notepad. She’d already begun to formulate ideas about topics she would cover in her book. So far the plan was to write an advice guide for women looking to reclaim their sexuality in whatever form they chose. She’d explore all lifestyles and most of the major kinds in juicy depth.

Except there were gaps in her knowledge. Back in college, she experimented with girls a couple of times, so that aspect was covered. She’d oft enjoyed the benefits of having a lover younger than her by almost a decade. But orgies? Nope. BDSM or fetishes? Other than Tony spanking her now and then when he was feeling frisky, uh uh.

Voyeurism sex? Another big fat no. She’d never even been to Kink, and that place was also popular among the non-kinky set for its bar and dance club. Her seemingly straitlaced brother Spence had hooked up with his girlfriend there, for God’s sake.

She didn’t intend to try everything herself. There was no need, when she could do research on the net like the next Jane. But some things were definitely doable.

Like a threesome. She’d been curious about having a ménage even before she’d met Tony and Cale. Unfortunately the opportunity had never presented itself.

Was it presenting itself now?

Now that she’d had this stroke of inspiration to write a book, she wanted her sex manual to be comprehensive. Even if she didn’t make much money, she’d have done something useful with her life, something a little shocking. She’d leave a mark that was all hers. Her brainchild, her creation.

It wasn’t as if she be having a legacy of children so she wanted this book to be amazing. To make sure it was, she’d have to do the ahem, legwork to explore some of the possibilities her readership might be curious about. In a way, she’d be doing a public service she’d just happen to be paid for-please God-both monetarily and in orgasms.

Which brought her full circle to a ménage. Cale was hot. Undoubtedly. His frequent bed partners proved he had more than good looks as well. Despite his often irreverent sense of humor, Cale was as serious as Tony was carefree. He also happened to be a bit fickle. Though she couldn’t quibble about a man’s choices when she already had one guy and was angling how to get two.

“Marsh? You alive over there?”

Did she dare? She didn’t want to drive her lover away, even in the name of research/
Forget research. She was horny and Cale was delicious. And charming. And so very male that just one look in his ice-blue eyes was usually enough to wet her panties.

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn saves the world one Photoshop file at a time in her job as a graphic designer.

At night, she writes sexy romance, drinks a lot of coffee, and plays her music way too loud.

When she’s not scribbling furiously, she’s watching men’s college basketball, reading excellent books, and causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

Where to Find Cari:


US winner: Scarecrow Candle Holder and Pumpkin votive candle, a Cari Quinn pen and magnet, and ebook set of Reveal Me and Provoke Me, books 1 & 2 in the Unveiled series.

International winner: $5 GC to either B&N, Amazon or Book Depository and an ebook set of Reveal Me and Provoke Me.

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