HEA Romances Spotlight with Lila Dubois ~ International Heat Author

What’s not to love about Lila Dubois’s books…the lady knows what to do with a pen and paper…ok, A laptop and keyboard. *grin*
Come Meet Mrs. Lila B


Undone Lovers, book #1

“The dialogue enhances the book, but it is the ecstatically hot sex that moves Undone Rebel from a good sexy book to an outstanding erotic. Ms DuBois’ ability to show emotion during extreme sex is outstanding and really set the bar high for the next book…did I mention I hope it comes out soon?”

-Coffee Time Romance Reviews

When amateur fetish model and rockabilly princess Adelita “Addie” Sanchez is asked to model for an instructional BDSM book she turns them down, adamant that she’s not a porn star.

That changes when she meets the three male dominants behind the project, particularly Lane Therres, who convinces her that the project is more art than porn, and she’d be safe in his hands.

The rules of the photo sessions are clear—there’s no sex, and Addie can call a halt to anything she’s uncomfortable with.

What self reliant, strong-willed Addie hadn’t counted on was enjoying giving herself over to the powerful Doms and their ropes, chains and toys. When she falls for Lane, while enjoying Emory’s touch, Addie turns away from both men, scared of what they’re doing to her.

Can a relationship built on a BDSM contract ever be anything but whips and chains? Lane changes his Dom leather for shining armor to prove to his rockabilly princess that even the most gallant knights sometimes prefer dungeons.


Undone Lovers, book #2

Alton is the ultimate Master. An expert Dom, he believes BDSM is a lifestyle and trains women to serve in every way. He recognizes Lulu’s submissive nature but his instant attraction is unexpected and unnerving. He vows to take and train her.

Lulu has been curious about BDSM since her friend met and fell in love with a Dom. When Alton comes looking for her, Lulu indulges her greatest fantasy. In Alton’s BDSM training rooms she’s bound, disciplined and above all pleasured, experiences wilder than even her fantasies. But when she goes home at night, she dreams of Alton, not the whips.

Alton’s whole life has been turned upside down. A Master must live by his rules, but with Lulu he’s breaking every one. The Dom who swore that romance had no place in BDSM has to take a crash course in wooing if he’s going to keep the sub who’s got him in knots.

Reader Advisory: Contains very light female/female sensuality and a brief ménage encounter.



Undone Lovers, book #3

As an entertainment lawyer Emory has his share of irritating clients. When his firms’ famous action star Sasha is caught in a sex tape scandal it shouldn’t have been a PR nightmare–everyone has one, but on Sasha’s sex tape she’s bound and begging to be used, everything her hard action-hero character isn’t. Her image and persona are destroyed.

Emory had never met her in person, and when he does he can’t help but wonder if Sasha is a submissive, despite her claims that what’s on the tape was just a game. For all her ultra-tough exterior there’s something vulnerable about her. When they’re alone together Emory questions her, then forces her down over his desk, where she relaxes into the submission.

Emory takes Sasha on as a submissive, telling her that she’s safer subbing to him than to a man who might blackmail or betray her, but what seems simple and clean turns out to be anything but, when the man who turned Sasha into a submissive shows up.

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