Let It Snow by Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque

Let It Snow…: by Leslie Kelly…. The Prince who Stole ChristmasMy True Love Gave to Me…Jennifer LaBrecque
Series: Bedtime Stories
Publisher: Harlequin Publishing- Blaze
Genre: Holiday- Contemporary Romance
Length: 224 pages

This review copy was received from the publisher through NetGalley.


Put some heat in your holidays with these scorchin’-hot fairy tales from bestselling authors Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque

The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly

Between her ne’er-do-well brother and her candy shop, Claire Hoffman has her hands full. But when sexy sparks start flying between Claire and her gorgeous but enigmatic tenant “Phil,” Claire wonders if all the chocolate has made her a little Christmas crazy. But what will happen to her fantasy when her dishy fling tells her that, er…he’s actually a prince?

My True Love Gave to Me… by Jennifer LaBrecque

Years ago in the town of Good Riddance, Alaska, Gertie and Knox were best friends–until Knox fell under the “spell” of a rather cold, remote woman. But three years later, Knox and Gertie are reunited at the Chrismoose festival…and all it takes is a snowed-in night in a cabin for Gertie to turn Knox’s chill into a red-hot blaze of sexstasy!

Deb’s Review:

The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly is a delightful addition for anyone’s Christmas reading list. This story had my mouth watering… hence the word Chocolate. *smiles*

The character of Claire in interesting even though there is not a lot to her, she is easy to connect with, taking care of herself and that troublesome brother of hers put Claire in a place she is not to keen on. I felt that she should throw Freddy( brother) under the bus,and move on…she has a true soft spot for him.

Philip Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Selandria, is quite interesting as he adapted well to his surroundings for some who is not from earth. He is fiercely loyal, driven when there is something he feels worth the pursuit. Again there is not much on this character, but what there is will have you cheering for him in his pursuit for a wife.

Second level characters were fun and added to the strength of the story line, which in turn made the story more enjoyable.

The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly is a scorching hot Christmas tale sure to stir up the heat on a cold winters night. Leslie Kelly is like a gingersnap cookie, full of spice, and good to the last crumb. *wink*

Jennifer La Brecque’s Christmas tale My True Love Gave to Me gives a new look on that a old song. My True Love Gave to Me is a sweet Christmas gift with some unsuspected hot spots sure to put some warmth in your holidays.

Knox is 100 % male, both sexy and caring if not a bit dense. I found myself biting my tongue when it came to this character. I wanted to say, “Really Knox, open your eyes.” but we are all in some way blind to somethings when they are too close. I love when a character grabs me up by my boot strings, demanding me to like them. *grin* Knox did that for me.

Trudie is a intelligent, sweet big hearted gal, who grabs you from the first moment she enters the story, you become so taken with this character enough to become a part of her cheering team. I have to say that Mrs. La Brecque made this heroine someone that we all can relate to in one way or another.

Their story begins long ago when they were mere children. Trudie finds herself in love with someone she can not have. They went their own way, but now after a few years later they meet in the one place that has held their fondest memories of the holiday season, the Chrismoose festival held in a town named, Good Riddance, Alaska. Will they be able to make it work or will there always be a hurt that is unrepairable between them?

Mrs. LaBrecque add just the right mix of secondary characters that livened up the plot line, and enhanced the feel of the town and the towns people. I felt like I was transported to this place in time, looking through a window, to the town of Good Riddance, Alaska wishing I was a part of the Chrismoose festival.

Let It Snow is a true holiday gift, sure to please anyone with the taste for a Christmas romance, with a bit of spice and holiday spirits.

Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque are Santa’s vixen’s @ the North Pole. I don’t know how Santa keeps all the snow from melting when these two start heating things up.

Come Get Some Holiday Cheer and…”Let It Snow!”

Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb!

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