Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb

Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
Length: 44 pages


Dr. Cu has no doubt that love at first sight happens only in fairytales. He knows intimately that it takes a unique blend of chemicals to force two hearts to beat as one. A world-renowned player, he’s accepted his fate. As a God of Love, he’s doomed to remain lonely. But when he opens his eyes and his gaze takes in a woman in need of assistance, he’s shocked to find himself falling, exactly like his many victims.

Naturally, when an arrogant legend is smitten, happiness comes at a price. Cu must fight the powerful Goddess of Love, his controlling mother, in order to protect the mortal who’s captured his fancy.

When his love betrays him, Cu learns how hard a God can hit rock bottom. If he can’t put down the bow and wrap his hand around humility and forgiveness, his destined love will remain a myth.

Deb’s Review:

Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb is an off the charts, out of this world romance that had me laughing one minute and in the next asking WTH?

Dr. Cu, aka Cupid, just wants to be free of his parent’s hold, so he schemes and brakes the rules. You name it, Cu most likely did it. From the opposite spectrum, Cheia is your run of the mill human. She is sweet and that’s all I can tell you about her, as her character was undeveloped and left me wanting more.

What I can tell you is that Cheia is looking for some fun and Cu is the man for the job. However, Cu is shocked to discover that what’s started out as fun and games has suddenly turned into love. What happens when Cupid is bitten by the love bug?

There were some hiccups in the plot that at times made the story a bit confusing. However, the secondary characters were fun, especially Cu’s parents and their goons. Although I would have liked more from the story, Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb is what it is, a short, fun story that will bring a smile to your face on Valentine’s Day.

Rated 3 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!

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