My Review Of Carved in Stone by Donna McDonald

Carved in Stone by Donna McDonald
Series: Art of Love : book#1
Publisher: Self-Publish
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 217 pages


Even though his sons tease him about not dating, and his ex-wife thinks he is still hung up on her, 53 yr old retired principal and stone sculptor, William Everett Larson, is glad he waited to date until he found 47 yr old high school art teacher, Jessica Anderson. He admires Jessica for her courageous art and for how she has dealt with her life. As far as Will can tell, the only part of Jessica damaged by her past is her heart. Jessica assures Will she is incapable of lasting love, but Will refuses to believe it’s true. Yes, it is a problem that the baggage from Jessica’s past makes her see dating as merely recreational and men as interchangeable, but when she offers him temporary sexual fidelity, Will decides to take what he can get until he can find a way to convince Jessica she is still capable of love.

Jessica Daniels is mostly happy with her life. Her daughter is graduating college. She is a few years away from retirement. Life is good even though lately she has stopped being interested in both her art and men. Since Jessica has never been the kind of woman looking for that one special man to settle down with, she normally dates and enjoys all the men she wants. What’s the harm with doing so suits her? Will is certainly good-looking and charming, but she’s not sure he’s worth the trouble of an exclusive relationship. She likes riding his motorcycle, seriously admires his art, and thinks he’s mostly a great guy. But after thirty years of being single, Jessica knows that most relationships just don’t work out for a woman with a past like hers. When Will keeps insisting on sleeping with her, she finally gives in, but Jessica knows in her heart it will never last.

Deb’s Review:

Donna McDonald’s book, Carved in Stone, had me laughing the whole way through till I turned the last page. I can tell Ms. McDonald had a blast with these characters. The family dynamics felt so real, I felt right at home. The Larson men are something to behold. Will, Michael and Shane are three amazing men who have a story to tell.

Will is just a huge teddy bear that you just want to curl up with on the couch. He has an edge to him, which peeks out now and again without over doing it. I think having a soft, emotionally strong alpha character makes Will more likable.

Jessica is a BAM! in your face character that grabbed my attention the moment she came alive on the page. I could not help but laugh along with her. She is as touching as she is ballsy. Her inner turmoil had me cheering her on, especially after the terrible incident in her life.

Will and Jessica’s reaction to each other was a W.O.W, look at you moment. They ate each other up with just their looks. This couple is definitely a great ice breaker for the series.

The second level characters help make this story so much more fun, especially the inner workings of a family. Ellen is a character who I could easily love to hate in this book because she does not play well with others. I have to applaud Ms. McDonald for keeping the plotline running smoothly. Even though she introduced a ton of characters, my focus was still on Will and Jessica, and how they worked with each other. As for the others, they just added to my laughing intake for the day.

Carved in Stone is an insanely delicious start to what I hope is going to be a series worth reading over and over again. Donna McDonald pens sassy heroines and crave-O-licious heroes that make you go Mmmmm…

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

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