My Review Of Created in Fire by Donna McDonald

Created in Fire by Donna McDonald
Series: Art of Love : Book#2
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 233 pages


Despite a dating past littered with the broken hearts of women they both knew and worked with, all 34 yr old Michael Larson sincerely wants is to marry Carrie Larson, the mother of his future child, and love them both forever. The other women were had been at best practice, and at worst merely substitutes. They were partly Carrie’s fault anyway. Instead of dating him, Carrie married not one, but two other men, and all because of something that allegedly happened in college which Michael can’t even remember. Dating other women was all that kept him sane while he waited three years for her to come to her senses. Even though he truly wants the baby they created in the fire between them, Michael really doesn’t care how or why Carrie is now in his life and his bed. His sole focus is how to keep her there no matter what it takes. He definitely doesn’t have any intentions of honoring the prenuptial agreement with the divorce clause she’d insisted on. Michael won’t—can’t—let her go. He’ll never survive if he loses the only chance with Carrie she’s ever given him.

At 32 years old, Carrie Addison wonders how many more times she’s going to let Michael Larson into her bed to wreck sexual havoc in her life. He is the most talented artist she’s ever known, but also the most frustrating, womanizing man. Maybe her two divorces were a hard way to learn that other men couldn’t provide enough distraction to cure herself of her desire for him. That’s still no reason to become her mother and give up control of her life to a man who will make her miserable over and over. There is no doubt in her mind that agreeing to marry Michael is a mistake of biblical proportions, but all she can do for the rest of the pregnancy is cope because she promised Michael legal custody of their child. Even if she is stupid enough to love him, she was wise to make him sign a contract stipulating that their bad situation wouldn’t last forever. Carrie flatly refuses to live like that. She will give Michael the child they created, but she is never giving him her heart to break again.

Deb’s Review:

Created in Fire is an emotional roller coaster, with the highs and lows of any good relationship. Add a couple of crazy families and you have the makings of a delightful romantic read. This is book #2 in the Larson men saga and Donna McDonald spared nothing for Michael and Carrie’s story.

Michael is a character that reaches out and grabs you by your heart by his openness with his feelings and his love for all who he holds dear. However, I did see a little peek of his darker side. Ms. McDonald, upon first seeing the dark Michael, I could have believed him as a Dom.

Now, I have to admit that it took me awhile to get to a point where I liked Carrie. After all the struggles she had with Michael, I thought she was not what Michael needed for his heroine. I will say after she came out of her shell after her trauma, she was the fire that melted Michael into a molten puddle of lust and love.

The backdrop, as in the first book, is a true testament to the fact that artist make the most intriguing bed mates, as well as life partners. I know I have a new love for yogurt ice cream bars. *wink* In addition, I have to point out the wonderful way Donna McDonald takes each story and blends them in such a manner that you get to know the next couple while revisiting the previous hero and heroine in the series without taking away the fire created by Michael and Carrie. As for the other characters in this book, it feels like old home week with a few new added additions. I enjoy seeing the boys take their step-sister into their fold. It will take all their wits to handle a smaller version of Jessica. *LOL!*

Donna McDonald strings together a perfect mix of love, lust, family, and laughter. Just remember to read this series in order to get the full effect of the pecking order. There is only one more thing to say: gimme…gimme…gimme more!

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

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