My Review Of : Ride 'Em Cowboy by Mary Suzanne

Ride ‘Em Cowboy by Mary Suzanne
Publisher: Romance Divine
Genre: Erotic, Ménage, Western, F/F/M
Length: Short Read

Review Copy Received from Author


Beth and Wendy had a plan to pay off the ranch—enter the barrel riding competition at the rodeo and win the money. Capturing hunky bull rider Casey Sanders would also be a nice consolation prize, one the women were more than willing to share. Casey proves more than up for the challenge, ready to Ride ‘Em Cowboy, but the question is – who is going to live happily ever after?

Deb’s Review:

This is a short story filled with a lot of heat and passion. Beth and Wendy are the two main characters in this book. They are two very strong ladies. Beth and Wendy do everything they can to save their ranch. In the process they discover something along the way.

Casey is a secondary character but he has his spotlight time to shine in this book. Casey is one hot cowboy, from the tips of his cowboy boots to the top of his Stetson. He’s every woman’s fantasy come true.

I have to say this book is worth the read, even though I felt like I was missing out on getting to know Wendy and Beth better. Cowboy up partners, and let these girls show you how to ride.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy is red hot fun!

Mary Suzanne is a blast to read! She pulls you into the story. As you turn the last page you know you will be satisfied!

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!

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