My Review Of : Freeing Al by Marie Treanor

Freeing Al by Marie Treanor
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Length: Short Novel

Review Copy Received from Publisher


Book three in the Psychic Seductions series.

Big Al MacNab is in trouble. Recently out of prison, he’s running his late uncle’s pub in the Scottish Highlands and trying to make a success of a local music festival. But he’s haunted by his own past—as well as by two persistent ghosts. Every criminal in the country wants to kill him, the police want to put him back in prison and his mother wants him to stop swearing. He doesn’t need a sexy vampiress serving drinks in his pub, let alone showing him kinky new uses for the restraints in his cellar.

Draguta, a vampire in search of a cause, has come to Scotland to find her ex-lover, Karoly, who owns the Transylvanian castle she wants to turn into a vampire safe house. Biting Al releases a lot of pent-up lust that has to be assuaged. Falling in love with Al revives a compassion and humanity she no longer knows how to deal with. Worse, she knows that after helping to free Al from his problems, she has to free him from herself.

Deb’s Review :

Freeing Al by Marie Treanor is an awesome way to end this series. This book is fast, fun with a touch of action and with passions hot enough to burn up the pages. We the readers can feel the inner battle between Draguta and Al.

Draguta, Vampire was turned by Karoly who in turn saved her life. After 50 years she still has problems with who she has become. Darguta came home to convince Karoly to give her his castle to use as a haven for vampires. Draguta meets up with Al. After meeting Al, can she finally let herself hope again? What will Al do when he finds out what she truly is?

Al, owner of a pub in the little town of Ardhaig, has his own troubles. He fell in with the wrong crowd, along with his brother. Dealing with his brother’s death, prison and the cops can he ever get his life to return to normal?

The plot thickens when the characters from the first two books come to help Al and Draguta with some bad acquaintances. Jenny and Ellise powers are drawn to the ghosts who are in Al’s place. They are all in for a surprise, when they find out the secrets to Al’s past.

This book flowed smoothly, as you never lost pace with the characters. Al and Draguta explode off the pages, especially considering that they do love their kink. *grin* Toward the end, this book intensifies with action galore.

There is only one thing as a reader I would have liked to known from all the books in this series. How all the characters fared afterwards?? What do I mean? Does Karoly change Jenny? Do Chris and Ellise stay in Scottland? Does Draguta complete the change on Al? These questions are truly running through my head. Ms. Treanor is there going to be anymore to this series?

Freeing Al by Marie Treanor is a truly touching, passionate and OH! so kinky read that you must buy. If you don’t believe, pick up this 3rd book in the seduction series to see what I am talking about.

{Note to the Readers}
To truly enjoy this series you should read them in order:
Book #1 – Hunting Karoly / Jenny’s story
Book #2 – Guitar Man / Ellise’s story

Rated 4 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!

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