My Review Of : What the Hellsville? by Marchelle Wallace

What the Hellsville? by Marchelle Wallace
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Comedy, Suspense
Length: 462 pages


He’s Charmed… Charmed Jones is hired by Sarah Hells to renovate her mansion in Hellsville. He has lived his whole life daring anyone to make fun of his name. He has a confidence that cannot be shaken until one woman answers his standard question correctly.

She’s Enchanted… Enchanted Dream is Sarah Hells’ oldest granddaughter. Enchanted lives in the mansion with Sarah and has been taking care of the family fortune for years. She has spent her whole life hiding from her name, until one stranger invades her courtyard and her very life. Together they are Magic … Sparks fly as soon as Charmed and Enchanted’s eyes meet.

Charmed is certain from the beginning that she is the girl he is going to marry. Enchanted is not so sure. She knows for certain that only one man has ever affected her so strongly and he just moved into her family home. Too bad everyone else is nuts… Enchanted has a secret and so does Charmed.

Sarah is an eccentric who loves to do and say outlandish things. Her latest? Have Charmed build a moat around the mansion so the moat monster will have a place to play. Oh yeah, she also makes sure Enchanted’s parents and twin siblings stay home to help with the renovations.

Fast paced and witty, this book has you cheering for not only the leading couple to work out their differences, but also the unlikely moat monster, who could either be real, or just an imaginary friend for a lonely old woman.

Deb’s Review :

What the Hellsville? by Marchelle Wallace gives a new meaning to “Redneck” *grins*. This book will have you rolling in the isle with every page you turn. What the Hellsville is exactly right. This second book in the series from Marchelle Wallace is a fun contemporary romance with the edge of a who done it. All I can say is hold on tight because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Chan, aka Enchanted, is a firecracker who takes crap from no one, so when she crosses paths with a sexy man named Charmed, she knew she was in trouble. All she had to do was survive being under the same roof with this man and her deranged family. Can we say therapy? *smiles*

Chan is definitely a heroine to remember as was Meredith from Redneck Heaven. Ms. Wallace sure knows how to build strong sassy ladies. I was laughing, as well as shedding some tears with Chan, as she discovered who she really was inside.

Charmed is a hot hunky male who knew what he wanted from the first moment he laid eyes on Enchanted. Although it’s obvious to him that she was for him, Chan seems to think differently. Now all he has to do is convince her of that. Unfortunately, what Charmed quickly discovers is that it’s not easy to charm a lady when all hell breaks loose in Hellsville.

Ms. Wallace you had me laughing at Charm’s antic’s, and lord knows the boy loves Enchanted if he goes through what he did in the story. His character helped build my belief in this book. He is a corny hero that will capture the readers’ heart, as he did mine.

Chan loves her life as it is, but now her world is turned upside down. What is a gal from the sticks to do? Give the town something to talk about and that’s exactly what she did.

The second level characters add to the heart of this story. Ms. Wallace did a wonderful job of pulling in the characters from the first book, which only added to the craziness and fun. I for one loved every minute of it.

Ok Ms. Wallace, I see at least 2 more books based on what happened in What the Hellsville. Are you going to continue with this series? I can never get enough of redneck living. Besides, Wes needs a woman so he can stay out of everyone else’s business. Marlon is as sweet as can be, so really…who would not want him.

I will say that there are some plot twists that will have you saying, “What the Hellsville”? *grin*

If you enjoy contemporary romance with off the wall characters then Marchelle Wallace’s What the Hellsville? is one story you do not want to miss.

Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb!

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