My Review Of : Irish Magic by Chloe Waits

Irish Magic by Chloe Waits
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Length: 49 pages


Mysterious Ireland is famous for its magical lore. But Kelly Murphy is here to mend a broken heart; not chase pots of gold. She can’t help being enchanted, though, by the beauty and charm of the land. Not to mention being completely captivated by local hunk and tour guide Sean Ahearn!

But it’s more than Ireland that’s seducing Kelly. After wandering onto a fairy hill, Kelly experiences the most passionate night of her life. It’s who it’s with that has her stumped.

Is it sexy Sean or is fairy mischief afoot?

In a land where everyone believes, can Kelly find the courage to let go of the past and take a leap of faith?

Deb’s Review:

Irish Magic by Chloe Waits is just that, pure magic. Ms. Waits creates a very sensual, sexy world that pulls you in with every turn of the page, discovering the old tales of the Irish, fairies, and the Ganconagh. You find yourself quickly drawn into the magic of Ireland.

Kelly is a sweet, strong, light hearted character she is off to discover what her Papa loved so much about Ireland and it’s magic. After, the week she had been having a little fun is in order, and Sean is just the one to give it to her. Sean on the other hand is a mystery that I enjoyed uncovering, with his sexy Irish looks of black wavy hair, piercing eyes he took my breath away. Quoting Ms. Waits, ” He is Black Magic.” Sean is wanted by the town’s women, but he is drawn to Kelly in a special way. Can these two puzzle out the mystery behind the legend of the faerie tree?

The second level characters just added to the books magic. I have to say though Ms. Waits I can see there is a lot more room for added stories, was this your plan? Are we going to get Eileen and Jimmy’s story? I have to know if she will let Jimmy catch her, finally. *grin*

Mauve is a delight, and knows a bit of the magic herself. Ms. Waits has intrigued me with legend of the Ganconagh being of Irish blood I ask my nan about this, she gives Ms. Waits praise, then precede on telling me the legend. Ms. Waits really did her research.

So if you are looking for a bit of magic, pick up Irish Magic by Chloe Waits and let yourself get caught up in the magic of a land faraway.

Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb!



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