My Review Of: G-Spot by Taylor Tryst

G-Spot by Taylor Tryst
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Review Copy Received from Publisher


A Carnal Reunions tale…

Lily Sutherland—no—Detective Lily Sutherland, a title she worked her ass off to earn, has returned to Heartwood Indiana for her ten-year college reunion. An ex-Lady Hawk, and a star athlete on the volleyball team, Lily used her competitive edge to win on the court. She dove into the male dominated world of law enforcement where she once again rocked the foundation and shot up the ranks to homicide detective in record time. As far as Lily is concerned, she’s just one of the boys until she reunites with Dakota Reese, the love of her life.

Special Agent Dakota Reese has always been too smart for his own damn good. Specializing in serial cases, Dakota attends his college reunion at Western Indiana University for what he believes will be a reprieve, only to discover that his life just became much harder…literally, when he see’s Lily Sutherland at the grand old Victorian down the street. Dakota and Lily had split amicably ten years prior, each of them marrying for all of the right reasons. Unfortunately, they married someone else, and were now both divorced. There’s a natural animosity between the cops and the feebs, but can Lily put their differences aside long enough for her ‘G Man’ to find her g spot and rock her world, forever?

Deb’s Review: OMG! G-Spot by Taylor Tryst is so not your regular erotic love story. It left this reviewer craving more. I was warming up to a romance with a suspense feel to it…then nothing. Why Ms. Tryst? Is there another book with Lily and Dakota in it? Will you try and make this into a longer book?

I need to know how and if they catch the killer. Do they make it as a couple? Where do they end up? So many question; so few pages. I feel like this is a cliff hanger book.

Lily and Dakota are very addicting. The plotline is done brilliantly. The only fault I could say about this book is; as a reader, I need to know more. *g* 

Rated 3 ½ Stilettos by Deb!

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