My Review of : Secondary Targets by Sandra Edwards

Secondary Targets by Sandra Edwards
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 261pages


What would you do if you found out everything you thought you knew about your father turned out to be a lie?

After being bitten by the genealogy bug, Grace Hendricks awakens a conspiracy that’s been lying dormant—ever since she disappeared shortly after her father’s funeral eleven years ago. Now, here in the present, his military records have been tampered with and his death certificate is no longer on file.

In an effort to unravel the mystery she turns to Eric Wayne, an old flame she thought she’d tucked safely away into the past. Eric has no intentions of getting involved with Grace and her crazy allegations, until he realizes that someone else is buried in his former commanding General’s grave.

Deb’s Review :

Secondary Target by Sandra Edwards is a bit long, but trust me when I say she packs enough surprise and intrigue into this who done it thriller that you will never pay attention to the page numbers. I was on the edge of my seat by the second chapter.

Grace discovers some truths about her father that sends her normal life out of control. Eric has no intention of ever becoming involved with any woman present or past. When these two meet up, sparks begin to fly. I liked that Eric and Grace as a couple had to work their way back to each other.

My only problem with Secondary Targets is the lack of background on Eric and Grace, even though they both sure can stir up heat in the bedroom. Although they were quite enjoyable I still would have liked more characterization.

As the plot thickens, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine who is friend and who is foe. Yet, the twist and turns only increase the angst factor, which is definitely what makes Secondary Targets such a wonderful romantic suspense story.

Sandra Edwards delivers yet again a well-written book in Secondary Targets that any Mystery/Suspense lover will enjoy and any hopeless romantic will swoon over after reading. Amazing! That is all I can say.

Rated 5 Stiletto’s by Deb!

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