My Review Of : Only His by Dakota Trace

Only His by Dakota Trace
Publisher: Written Expressions
Genre: Erotic, light bondage
Lengeth: 33 pages

Summary: Lisa Mari has a problem, a huge one. She’s been dumped once again and only a week before Valentine’s Day.

One would think she’d be angry at Neil, her ex but she’s not. Crying out another man’s name during sex would be enough to piss off the most of understanding men so she can’t really blame him.
Her problem was in the fact that the only man she wants is the one she knows she can’t have.

After being adopted by her foster parents, Larry and Irene, she’d been accepted into their family and had become fast friends with Alexander, their nephew.

When he’d left to go to college out of state, Lisa had been forced to accept her unorthodox desire for him and was secretly glad he was out of reach. Instead she goes online and lives out her fantasies of him with strangers. Then it happened – he came home last Thanksgiving and everything had changed.

Alexander had loved Lisa Mari for over two years but with her good girl facade she’d presented to everyone, he didn’t think she would be able to handle his physical desires. While the total gentleman in public, in the bedroom, he was dominating at all times. Tying up his lovers and driving them insane with desire was his favorite pastime. On his last visit home, he’d stumbled across Lisa’s secret.

Posing as ‘Valentina’ online, she was trying to live out her fantasies – the very ones, he’d wanted to fulfill. With her finals over and his nearing, he’s decided the time was right. He’s more than prepared to start his seduction online, and if that doesn’t work, he’ll bribe Sammie, Lisa’s best friend into getting Lisa on a plane. One way or the other Lisa was going to be his.

Deb’s Review: Only His is an erotic treat that had this reviewer saying, “Whew!” The power Ms. Trace creates between these two characters is a powerhouse of heat. Alex and Lisa are truly yummy; they complement each other well. Their story is anything but tame and when the time is right their passion ignites.

While I enjoyed the characters, I didn’t feel as though I got to know them as much as I would have liked. I understand that this is a short book and I truly enjoyed it but would love to hear more on these two.

The BDSM play added a nice touch of spice to this book. If a short sensually erotic read with a great story line is what you are looking for then Only His is just for you.

Ms. Trace is Carson going to have his own story? I would love to see Alex and Lisa give back some to him when he finds his soul mate.

Dakota Trace is a true delight to read for this reviewer. Her talents are many to enjoy, come on and give her a try.

Rated 41/2 Delightful Divas by Deb!

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