My Review of: Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane

Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary
Length: 368 pages


Two all-new novellas that cross the boundaries of desire.

Exiled by Maya Banks…Enticed to the island paradise where an enigmatic prince is living in exile, beautiful, virginal Talia is introduced to a world of forbidden pleasure where the prince’s every whim is fulfilled and her fantasies are rendered in exquisite detail. But when the prince is summoned back to fulfill his duty to his struggling country, reality is thrust upon Talia all too soon. She returns home, heartbroken, convinced she was a passing fancy for an idle ruler and his most trusted men. Until the day they arrive on her doorstep, determined to have her back where she belongs.

Sway by Lauren Dane…Levi Warner is an established, older man—wealthy, powerful, and above all, respectable. Then Levi meets Daisy, an uninhibited 24-year-old dance instructor and artist, not exactly the kind of woman Levi is accustomed to. But the young, free spirit, brings out something in him he only experienced in fantasies. When their scorching affair turns into something unexpectedly deeper, Levi finds himself torn between preserving his reputation, and exploring a wilder and much more satisfying kind of life.

Deb’s Review:

Exiled by Maya Banks

Exiled by Maya Banks is one spicy menage that will curl your toes. Maya Banks has a way of creating her characters so you truly care about them and want them to all have a HEA.

With that said I have to admit, I found myself trying to push pass some points in this story, but mostly it was the males in this story that I have to say confused me. Xander,Nico, Garon and Sebastian, truly for me just left me a bit cold. I did not feel much of a connection.

Talia, is the true heart of this story, so unaware. I find it hard to believe that for someone who has never had sex before, gives herself so willingly as a submissive.

As much as I adore Maya Banks and I enjoyed this book but its not one of my favorite Maya Banks stories.

Rated 31/2 Stilettos

Sway by Lauren Dane

Sway is a sweet hot read, with a bit of fun thrown in. Levi and Daisy are so hot together, I found myself sighing when they were together. Lauren Dane put some interesting twist on this story.

Levi is such a scamp! I really like this character, even though I wanted to slap him a time or two he grew on my. *grin* He is old school, that is a part of his appeal, he just lights up the pages. Whatever is mood is you feel it.

Daisy is a true treat to be savored, is there anything she cannot do? The power she puts off when she comes to Levi has me melting in a puddle of goo.

Despite, the age thing these two make it work well. I am in love with them both.

Rated 4 Stilettos

Over all this is a good read, engaging characters, despite a few bumps along the way. These ladies are an auto buy for me; they are such tasty treats to enjoy!

Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb!


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