My Review of : Wild Card by Moria Rogers

Wild Card by Moria Rogers
Series: Down & Dirty, Book #1
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Genre: Erotic Paranormal
Length: Short Read


As Alpha of the Lonely River Pack, Jack Owens is responsible for keeping the peace between what’s left of the human population and the wolves who have taken over since the War. All wolves are his responsibility, even the ones like Virginia Howard who don’t necessarily recognize his authority. Ginny’s been a thorn in Jack’s side since she took over her parent’s operation and established herself as one of the area’s premiere ranchers. The fact that she’s everything he wants in a mate makes it hard to stay away from her, but any good hunter knows how to bide his time.

Ginny fights hard to maintain her independence from men, human and werewolf alike. The humans may not like having a woman as their chief competition, but they’re not the ones determined to see her submit. When a group of angry wolves try to run her out of business, she’s forced to accept Jack’s assistance. But in saving her ranch, Ginny runs the risk of losing something far greater–her heart.


Deb’s Review :

I picked up Wild Card as an freebie, and My.Oh.My, talk about hotness 101. Moria Rogers put some sizzle in this book, as well as a good dose of heart and intrigue.

Jack Alpha male personified, had me panting from the beginning. *grins* I like that things don’t come easy for this character. He is trying to get a certain she wolf to submit, but when things go haywire, the only thing an Alpha can do is go after his prey.

Ginny is a feisty she wolf with some fire to her. I enjoyed that she was strong, one who does for herself. I will admit I was not shocked by the fastness of her and Jacks connection; they had been pussy footing around each other long enough throughout the book.

After losing her parents Ginny has come to rely on herself, for things needing no one. She does not need to belong to a pack, even though there is an Alpha that has caught more than just her attention. Jack on the other hand knows what he wants; now all he has to do is keep her safe and convince her that she wants the same thing.

I enjoyed the plotline that Ms. Rogers laid out. I have to admit, I think it would have been better as a longer read, but for what it is worth it was a fast, fun read that I would share a recommendation to read it. I did pick up the other books in the series.

All in all, Wild Card by Moria Rogers was quite enjoyable, now I need to go start the second book…hum I wonder what Hazel and Oliver are up to?

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!


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