My Review Of : Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis

Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis
Series: Animal Magnetism, Book #3
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 238 pages

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She never wants a hero… After a tragic stint in the National Guards, Adam Connelly returns to Idaho and to Belle Haven, the animal shelter he owns with his brothers. All Adam wants is to be alone. Then he opens the door to the past—the woman whose heart he once broke. Still gorgeous, still tough-as-nails, but this time, unusually vulnerable. Holly learned the hard way to never depend on a man for anything. Now, of all men, Adam is the last one she wants to see, and the only one she needs. Her father has gone missing in the Bitterroot Mountains and she could use someone with tracking skills to help find him. For Holly and Adam, each with their ghosts, a trek this desperate, this unpredictable, and this intimate, will have its share of risks—including opening their hearts one more time.

Deb’s Review :

Rescue My Heart is a sensual romance with incredible characters, with unbelievable heart.Jill Shalvis gives us the third book in the Animal Magnetism series. Now I get to understand what makes Adam tick. (Rubs hands together, smiling)

Adam is someone I loved and hated. He’s a ultra-male that in truth has a huge heart but is careful of who he lets in. He has his issues as does any good hero but, he needs the love of a good woman, the only problem with that is he left her behind a long time ago. Now that said woman is back, Adam is unsure what course to take.

Holly is a heroine with a lot of the “wow” factor. Holly has it all sensuality, earthiness, a good heart, strength, she is ideal. Holly left her heart and family for the big city. After a huge mistake she returns home, where nothing is the same.

Adam and Holly are forces to be reckoned with, these two are battling themselves as well as their feelings for each other. I liked the way these two played off each other. The pull is there but Ms. Shalvis makes them work for it. The only peeve I have is the Adam, thought he was not worthy of Holly.

The secondary characters add to the strength of the plot line. I enjoyed seeing some other characters from the first books. Rescue My Heart was a breeze to read, it was funny, and sexy. Rescue My Heart can easily be read as a standalone story. I am definitely looking forward to next book in this amazing series.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!



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