My Review of : Just for the Summer by Jenna Rutland

Just One Summer by Jenna Rutland
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 131 pages


Dani Sullivan has come to Lake Bliss to write her latest cookbook and take a breather. After the year she’s had, she deserves a summer retreat to reevaluate priorities and make peace with past decisions. But from the moment single dad and sheriff Matt Reagan shows up, she has a hard time convincing herself that a life away from Lake Bliss could beat the life she might have here.

Recently divorced Matt is ready for a new relationship, but he doesn’t want short-term—his son needs permanence, and so does Matt’s heart. Unfortunately, it’s the smart-mouthed and sinfully sexy Ms. Sullivan who catches his eye. But when Matt learns Dani’s secrets, will he still want her to stay? Or will her chance for love last just for the summer?

Deb’s Review:

Jenna Rutland melted my heart with her wonderful book Just for the Summer, with it’s fun flirting, and awesome family structure, I know she has a hit.

Dani just about broke my heart, her love for someone she met once pulls at her and she lands in Lake Bliss. This heroine could have taken the lime lite all on her on. Her presence pulls you in; you need to know what her secret is.

Matthew at first I wanted just savor him, by the middle I could spit him out, by the end I wanted to devour him. Sexy, Loving, Protective, this sheriff gets under your skin. Once the cards are dealt he finds his life spinning out of control.

Dani and Matt is a perfect match, from the moment when they were sizing each other up. I was smiling while enjoying the flirting between them.

Secondary characters add some meat to this already perfect story line, but I am here to say Rachel and Jack need some shaking up, Ms. Rutland. Do you plan to do anything with these characters?
The real show stopper for me was the character Sam. I wept, when we finally got to that certain point. {sorry you will have to read to find out.}

All in all, Just for the Summer is a sweet sexy read that had me smiling throughout. The characters are a delight, the plot line is emotionally engaging. Ms. Rutland knocked this one out of the park!

Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb!




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3 responses to “My Review of : Just for the Summer by Jenna Rutland

  1. Deb, thanks so much for participating in my blog tour and having me here today on HEA Romance With a Little Kick!

  2. Jenna, Your welcome. I have to ask though will you have a book about Rachel and or Jack?

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