My Review : Playing House by Genevieve Ash

Playing House by Genevieve Ash
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 61 pages

Amazon Kindle Total E Bound

Summary :

Playing House; a game where love always wins.

Bel and Max have an arrangement. Their busy lives leave little time for a ‘real’ relationship so they meet every few months, choosing to spend their time together exploring the sensual pleasures life has to offer.

Bel left her emotionally abusive husband years before and never found the time to date. Max has trust issues because his wife had left him for his best friend. When they get together, the sexual chemistry can’t be denied but their emotions have to be held at bay.

A visit to Max’s home has them Playing House and they spend their time doing things that other couples take for granted. Bel’s increasing desire to spend more time with Max brings those hidden emotions to the surface and a choice must be made.

Will Max learn to trust again? Will his indecision cause Bel to doubt his feelings for her? Will Bel be able to live with the small part of his life that he is willing to give or will Max realise that a more permanent solution is what they need?

Deb’s Review :

Playing House by Genevieve Ash was a true look into a relationship struggling to stay alive. Ms. Ash has captured the moment so well between Max and Bel. I felt their struggle as well as their happy times. In addition, I felt these characters were selfish at times, not willing to give up what they considered their space.

Max was a hard hero to get to know, but what you did get from him will have him growing on you. I am not for sure what drives him to be the way he is. Bel is a character so unsure of her worth in Max’s heart that she spends most of the time second guessing things. She is a mother, a dutiful daughter, and a lover who wants more of her man. Can Max give her what she recently discovered she needs just a short time ago?

As for secondary characters, there was none but the hero and heroine make do. There are times where you see their inner battle, as well as the love these two share, but in the end will it be enough?

Genevieve Ash is a diamond in the ruff that’s destined to be a true gem. One that you will enjoy watching shine. I only wished I could have given Playing House a higher rating.

Rated 3 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!


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  1. Genevieve Ash

    Thank you for your insightful review.

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