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A Favorite Hero

Heroes are hard for me to write. I don’t know if I just like my women really strong, or if I find a man who doesn’t have it all together more romantic than the typical saving-the-damsel-in-distress types. Either way, my male characters tend to fumble along a bit…until my editor gets to them, of course.

That being the case, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite hero of all time is Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre.
The man is a mess, seriously.


He’s full of insecurities, does contradictory things, makes decisions based on societal influences, stays married to a woman who has definite issues, then hides her, then tries to marry someone else. He puts women through silly tests. He doesn’t trust himself. He gets angry at situations, blaming others, when really they’re his fault. Heck, he dresses up as a fortune teller just to spy on Jane.

Clearly a right mess.

And I love him. I love him for it. I love that his good intentions get marred by his inept follow-through. I love that he bumbles along and I want to smack him half the time. It makes the times he does rise up to be heroic all that much more meaningful. Not to mention it helps Bronte’s theme of imperfection being perfect.

Two plain people, with many faults, come together anyway, and it is as that unit that they become unstoppable.
It’s a pattern that is lost in much current literature, where the heroes seem to be put together (minus perhaps one or two small things) before they meet their heroines.

At the end of the tour, Ninette will be giving away three copies and a $25 Amazon gift card. How awesome is that!

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Here Is where you can find Ninette Swann and her works.


Now here is my review of “Just the Messenger” :

Just the Messenger by Ninette Swann
Publisher: No Boundaries Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 117 pages


“When Graciela Merced fumbles a package she’s delivering for her mysterious and sexy boss, Gene Hardy, she finds out he’s more than just a wealthy photographer. Prepared to lose her job, she confronts him…and ends up embroiled in the tricky takedown of a powerful drug cartel pushing cocaine into the heart of New York City.

Marco Valencia is an undercover agent, working against time—and against Gene Hardy—to crack Angel’s Drug Cartel before the story makes it to the press. When Hardy’s luscious Venezuelan messenger literally falls at his feet, he has no idea just how well he’ll get to know the beauty or how difficult it will be to drop her.

Hardened by experience, Gene Hardy takes his undercover work seriously, and charges a hefty price. When Grace makes a careless mistake and hurls him back into the visage of Marco Valencia, he must either fire her, or involve her in a twisted plot that could kill them all.

As the two men battle over their feelings for Graciela—and their attraction to each other—one thing becomes perfectly clear.

Grace is much more than just the messenger.”

Deb’s Review:

Just the Messenger is an action packed read that will keep your attention from cover to cover. Ninette Swann truly knows her stuff in the spy world.

Marco, Grace and Gene are a very unlikely trio. Marco a sexy IIB agent, he has a huge heart, and a longing to have his own happily ever after. Grace is a messenger who works at Hardy Photography for Gene; her character had me a bit puzzled in the beginning until I understood the plot line better. In lust with two men, could it be possible? How would they all come out of the mission?
Gene is a take charge guy with an amazing brain, he knows he shouldn’t want what he can’t have but the delectable Grace is worth risking it all, maybe even his own life.

Even though there is not much in the way of secondary characters, this is just fine because, the real draw is in the main characters and an intriguing plot. The only fault I found was that Grace adapted to fast into being a spy, for my taste, but besides that Just the Messenger was an awesome , with a heart, action and some pretty intense bedroom scenes.

So if you enjoy a different twist to your romances the Just the Messenger by Ninette Swann is one hot ticket you should not pass up.

Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb!




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  1. Thank you for taking part in this tour! I love the format of this post, too! It’s been a pleasure and I hope to see you in the blog world again soon!


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