Mailbox Monday: Love Of The Party by Laura Barnholdt

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One Party. Four Different Romances.

In FALLING HARD, Emily and Ashton couldn’t be more different. She’s quiet and sweet, he’s popular and outspoken. And when he flirts with her one night at the party she’s throwing, Emily knows she should stay away. It’s never a good idea to get involved with the hottest guy in school– you’re only setting yourself up for heartbreak.
But even though Ashton might come across as cool and confident, he can’t stop thinking about Emily. And by the end of the night, these two just might be falling hard…

In TELLING SECRETS, Brooke just wants to forget. About the weird stuff that’s going on with her family. About the fact that her best friend moved away right before their senior year. About the fact that lately, she hasn’t been able to feel much of anything.
And that’s what Aiden helps her to do — forget. So what if he’s kind of… unavailable? Everyone needs a bad boy, right?
Ry just wants to be with Brooke. He had a chance a long time ago, and he’s been pining for her ever since. And when he sees her with Aiden, he decides that some things have been kept secret long enough…

In GETTING CLOSE, Gabriella is afraid. Afraid of what it means to be in love with Landon, afraid of what it means to let herself fall for another person so completely.
Landon knows Gabriella’s scared, and he’s not about to give up on her. But will he be able to convince her that they’re meant to be?

In KISSING PERFECT, Brynn is completely broken-hearted, and the only reason she’s even going to Emily Mulally’s stupid party is to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. So what if what she has planned is kind of sort of illegal? Aaron deserves it.

But when cute and popular Josh Noth catches her in the act, Brynn thinks she’s in trouble. Josh is a player, super popular, super hot, and known for being a little bit (read: a lot) of a kiss slut. So Brynn does her best to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, chalking it up to post-break-up craziness.

But Josh can’t stop thinking about Brynn. And suddenly, he doesn’t want to kiss any other girls. Ever. But will he be able to show her that he’s for real?

*NOTE: This compilation contains the first four novellas in the AT THE PARTY series, FALLING HARD, TELLING SECRETS, GETTING CLOSE, and KISSING PERFECT and is approximately 200 pages*


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