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My Review Of : Rock Bound by Rochelle Weber

Rock Bound by Rochelle Weber
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Novella


The future is a dangerous place for dreamers and idealists.
When a dictator takes over the United States, Annie Peterson attends a protest in Washington, DC, with Paul, her husband and soul mate. US troops fire into the crowd killing Paul. Jake Johnsrud, a virtual stranger, risks his life to save Annie’s. They are among the survivors who are sentenced to slavery on the Moon for their “crimes.”

Deb’s Review:

Annie Peterson, Admin. assistant at an accounting firm, was quite stunning at the age of 28 with blond hair and soulful blue eyes. She was married to Paul and had a son and they lived a wonderful life until the world changed. Now they fight for their freedom. They attended a rally against Freezeland and after that day their lives will never be the same.

Jake Johnrud worked in marketing in Chicago. Jake was against anything Freezeland represented. He attended the Rally, but he soon found himself in a mess he could not get out of. He will join the resistance, he will give in, even if it meant his death.

Annie found herself now without a husband and family. Being arrested was always a possibility but seeing Paul’s death shook Annie to her core, with the help of a friend she finds her healing. The men and woman were sent to the moon for their sentence. Slaves for Freezeland they mined for him. All being told they were there for 10 years, once they were released it was up to them to pay to return to earth, but they were no fools. What Freezeland did not know in his efforts to to punish all who were against him he created a resistance to take back what the people lost.

Will they be able to return to earth on day? Can Annie open her heart to let Jake in? Will Jake be able to help Annie heal? Will the people of the resistance take back what Freezeland took from them?

Rock Bound is an all around great book. It has great strong characters and a good storyline. If you enjoy Sci Fi this is a book for you. Annie’s and Jake’s fire starts slow and ends in a blaze.
Rochelle Weber spins an imaginative story. Her strength in her writing is truly amazing.

Rated 3 Stilettos by Deb!

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Chicks In Charge by W.J Craft

Chicks In Charge by W.J Craft
Publisher: Deepest Regions Publishing
Genre: Erotica, Sci-Fi
Length: 35 pages


An Erotic Short Story Collection

Over 20,000 words of intriguing and playful delights where women come out on top in a variety of ways!

Chainsaw Chicks of Chinese Camp: Are the legends true? Are four amazons lying in wait in this tiny rural town for their perfect boy toys to come along and play with them?

Zap: While researching a possible preventative for epileptic seizures, a scientist stumbles onto a very interesting use for her new app.

Take Me To Your Leader: In this 1940s retro tale, a military translator gets up close and personal with some newly-landed alien emissaries.

The Gnome World Order: Find out what really goes on underneath those seemingly innocent pointed red hats.

Little Shoppe of Enchantments:
Augustus Pound takes a wrong turn with some rather questionable results. This version includes the longer alternate ending, not available anywhere else!

Cowboy: They seemed like ordinary women in the greasy spoon in town, but they had plans for Jack Barnes and his equipment.

Rosa Erotica: Lyrical and touching. A 500-word ode to the spirit of the rose goddess and a warrior’s epiphany.

Deb’s Review:

Chainsaw Chicks of Chinese Camp

Chainsaw Chicks of a Chinese Camp had me laughing so hard from the “Deliverance Theme” incorporated into the story. What do you get when you take 4 Amazon women with the taste for both men and women along with off the wall ideas in the bedroom department? One whacked out, quirky story full of laughter.


Zap is one science project gone a rye. The program meant for helping with epilepsy turns into one erotic ride, for men that is. Veronica and Josie create an app by accident that will have the male population scream in lust.

Take Me to Your Leader

In Take Me to Your Leader, Ruby Fletcher is the government’s “It” girl, but even the “it” girl can be shocked. All I can say is the Alien’s have it going on. Talk about your hands on job. LOL!

The Gnome World Order

All I can say about The Gnome World Order is that it’s what’s under the hat that counts. Watch out for the Alien Gnome take over.

Little Shoppe of Enchantments

Little Shoppe of Enchantments is a story for anyone who thinks everlasting is a good thing. Well, poor Augustus found out that’s not always true.


Jack might be up for a sexy ride, but even a stud like him was not ready for what he found in his bed partners. It was truly out of this world.

Rosa Erotica

Rosa Erotica is a different type of story when compared to the others. A Warrior comes back from war to cleanse himself in a special rose garden that holds unbelievable erotic powers.

Overall, W.J Craft has created a unique read that I have to admit had me scratching my head asking myself why? I’ve always been one who could enjoy reading a good book, but I must admit that this one threw me for a loop. Despite the quirks incorporated into the plots, these stories had me laughing at times, as well as providing plenty of WTH moments. Although W.J Craft’s quirkiness might be enjoyed by most, I feel it was not my cup of tea after all is said and done. There just is not enough strength in the pages of this book for me to give it anything higher than a three rating.

Rated 3 Stilettos by Deb!

Review was previously posted at Blackravens Reviews.

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